Pages tagged with Dawning

My Dawn you were my first love born I took you for a dance once I had my maiden chance A lost battle of love.......
YOU ARE DAWN God will FOLLOW He has 7.5Bn to look after... So watch on... the next morn for another dawn
Dawn i s just symbolic of life.... In other words each day is a new life. Now interpret it in your own unique way as usual
MY MINDS DAWN@ SEVENTH DECADE..We all live our own lives fools try and live others kind...
There is a display of serenity in the daily progress of the year as it slowly moves onward into the memory files of history. Catch the beauty of each day along the way.
A feeling which often I get ...making me feel the incompleteness of a living mission ... still unaccomplished ...will I be able to finish
Looking out with praise to Jesus over the ocean and reflecting on being set free in Him.
A poem about, A man struggling through a phase of Love, Where he cannot read the emotions of the woman he has fallen for and he fears he conveyance of his love for her might ruin what they already have, his anxiety and his pain that he must bear, when he feels her slipping away.
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