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Why is it so many people have babies then put them in daycare? Why don't more parents elect to stay at home and raise their own child? Is it possible to be a stay at home parent while earning a low wage?
Starting your nursery can seem like a tall order, but working with children is immensely rewarding and can help you create solid ties with your local community. Nurseries are excellent for helping children acclimatise to their impending school years, from both an educational and socia...
Why the rising costs of day care is a major concern for economy.
Do you feel your family budget is quite tight recently? Do you wish earn more as to do some financial saving for the future of your family? Or do you want to save up enough money for realizing a family travelling plan in the coming summer?
Mother throws me away into this place of strangers.
Dringking water to take care of health. We may have many benefits if we consume water everyday.
Inspired by my 12 year old daughter's First Place Science Fair Project, this article will teach you about Cryptosporidium, also known as Crypto, and help you gain an understanding of what it is, where it comes from, symptoms, how it can be spread, who is at risk, diagnosis, treatment ...
These are days that I wish never existed in the year although I used to love them before I had my child.
As a single mom, I couldn't afford to pay a lot for childcare. I discovered a way to cut childcare costs in half in this way.
The article discusses how the expansion of online nanny referral services increases risk to kids and provides parents with recommendations for improving their own screening.
This page discusses the shortcoming of current screening process of nannies, au pairs and babysitters, explains the importance of performing personality tests as part of the process, and calls parents to pay careful attention to the screening process done by nanny agencies and ensure ...
Using personality tests to screen au pairs is a mandatory requirement for all au pair agencies in the USA. Why are such tests important and are au pair agencies doing it right?
If you send your child to a nursery, what are the positives and negatives of doing this?
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