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In 1994 the Karamay fire in Xinjiang that had killed 288 pupils.
This is a poem that was inspired by the Day of The Dead
So where were you when Nelson Mandela died? I was sleeping I think, or still watching TV, about to go to bed afterwards. Then broke the next morning...
I get up and get ready in one of the guest rooms of Rand Estate. Petros and I sleep in two of the guest rooms and Mother and Father and Elmarie in Halfway House. We came here yesterday so that we are close to the cemetary where Auntie Marienne will be buried, in the Krugersdorp area...
It's never nice to hear that everybody around you is dying. But alas, life shall not stop killing everything that's living and bringing new living things into being. Such is life. Which is a deceptive name if life doesn't just mean life but also death. Well, here we go again, one ...
Is it a head cold I have today? Feels like it. Over the next days however, what I thought was a head cold turns into some very serious thing that seems to suppress my will to live.
At breakfast, Mother's phone rings. It's Lucy, one of Lassie's daughters. Mother had notified her before to come so that we can hand her a little something. The little something is an envelope with a card and a thousand rands to help with the funeral costs.
Eventually everybody you know are suddenly dead. Dead dead dead. What was the point you say? Well there was no other point other than that they lived and then died. It's the way it was designed. Living creature dies at some point. And now, Lassie is dead.
Yesterday I came outside to find a dying snake, a dead frog, a lawn mower and two servants gawking at it. The site of it all was definitely a conversation piece indeed.
Just because somebody is a decomposed, rotted away buried corpse, doesn't mean they shouldn't come visit you and say hi from time to time, just to catch up. It would be rude not to.
They arrive home at Tower Hills. Marzeus gets out of the van and goes to Tower Mansion. In there, Mom is sitting by her computer.
It is a poem expressing the situation and condition of downtrodden
Trees have it hard too. They stand there, and look pretty -- a beautiful creation of nature. but they have many hardships. Hardships such as storms, and the yearly passing of seasons. Grow and grow. Trees will grow until they reach the sky. Growing and growing until they reach their ...
A&E is currently searching for families with huge personalities that are willing to share their ghostly experiences with the public to demonstrate true hauntings in a paranormal television series. Everything from ghosts, poltergeists, spirits, demons and all other paranormal subject m...
When love dies, It ceases to exist. And the flame that used to be, Ceases to persist.....
Pompeii is one place which will give you goosebumps a hundred percent. The eerie silence of the inhabitants is broken by the voiceless tales told by the immortalized figures and the walls of a city that echo a time of prosperity ,security and abundance. All of which was engulfed and d...
When it comes to supernatural activity, you either believe in ghosts or you don't. People who have experienced an encounter with a ghost refuse to admit it simply because they do not want to be ridiculed.
What if there are real Dexters around who'll kill you if you've done something wrong
This poem depicts the image of a beautiful angel, who later becomes an Evil to other dead men - WILLIAM MAVELI
This isn´t a Christmas story, but it´s a thought for the poorest among the poor.
Some people go through life like Kalijah the wooden Indian...this time they are stone!!! yet below the stoniness dwells the loving always has been and it always will be ...there is no other way..enjoy
I am feeling guilty...did my choice to allow insecticides in my back yard kill this bee? There are some insects we of course do not want in our yards, but bees are foundational to life as we know it. If the plants don't get pollinated, where does that leave the rest of life?
A dark poem based off of something I thought up recently, this has a small sense of suicide also. Comments are open.
We often forget how we received our flag and sometimes we need to be reminded at what cost our flag came to us.
Here you will read about someone that is one with a heart and being taken advantage of
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