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We all come to go...The light vessel kicked about and when the one saw light out from the darkness he cried and cried as we all shared in joy ...the one’s arrival.
We all grow old, I have always wondered what I might think when I look at myself at a later age.
Sometimes when everything is going so right we should expect that it cannot last as was for me Saturday morning when I had to close my sister's eyes.
When death comes, it comes for the poor children of the middle east. Yes, death is partial, it resides and lives in Palestine. It has taken up the Palestinian nationality. It is fed, sheltered and homed there. God Help them
This poem is written in the perspective of a popular youtube sensation that committed suicide after depression.
The hour comes..Time and tide wait for no man ...nor does man await the tide
“Birth and death, the inseparable poles of all life on earth, should not be a secret to man.” Abd -ru-shin
OUR BEST STAR poet inspires me form a birth rebirth society
The inevitable last platform where we all must finally lay..
How to swim across the river we all call life Just my own suggestion take it with a punch of salt..
This is a feeling poem of all who feel dead on their dying hospy beds till they return home ...
Some queer thoughts about death and dying! Oh! No, no... it's about living, if you can see what I mean!
This article gives the Pain and vain In Death of our beloved ones
This is the question that has troubled many.Others don't even believe whether there is life beyond death.Who should we go for; for answers? Read on.
a reminder, a wake up call, something to jolt us into rethinking our priorities ...
This is the last time i am returning here some one needs to chase the destroyers
This poem may be unlike any you have seen before. It's about 100 lines and at times may confuse you. I suggest reading the poem at the very least four times before placing judgement on it. I hope you enjoy.
Death is unavoidable. Live long enough and you will bury someone that you care about. The recent death of a longtime friend in a tragic accident left me to ponder the true meaning of "death is the only guarantee in life."
We come across Death and Departure in life. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to accept them. It takes years to recover and begin thinking with maturity that "It's life". I too came across a death in my family.
All human beings have fears. The physical fears are natural ones but the psychological fears are created by our own minds. These psychological fears are chief cause of our sorrows. They are gone, once you realize you create and nurse them consciously or unconsciously.
Now, do you still have fear for death, scared of it?
Human life is very small and unpredictable for sure .sometimes it really gets difficult to handle life's surprises...
We all know that at some point in our lives we will have to face the reality of our physical being on earth coming to an end.
A poem of heartbreak and that life is never without meaning, even in it's darkest days.
A look at a soul's sovereign right to choose to be here or not and the recent passing of Dr. Kevorkian, champion of this right.
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