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When death becomes inevitable it is like a full stop.None can erase it or add an extension.So AMEN
The opening of the door of death is sometimes more heavy for us to bear than the pain of the actual death. Such is the case being described in my poem below about my pet dog Abbey. The door finally did close though, and my dog Abbey is now no more.
I will never get over the loss of my loving daughter. She loved me like a real daughter would, even though I have never had any other children, but her. To some, it might only be a dog, of course, but to me, our souls seemed so connected, that the loss has torn me all apart. God's ...
This poem is about the loss of my pet dog. She died so quickly that I still want her around. She suffered so dreadfully much though as she tried in vain to stay alive for us. Did we let her down, or did we do the right thing? We followed the vet's advice, and finally we put her dow...
a friend, family member, he was my pet, I will love and remember for always.
This poem is written in the perspective of a popular youtube sensation that committed suicide after depression.
An excerpt from the diary of a young woman watching her family and life fall apart, one piece at a time.
This is a feeling poem of all who feel dead on their dying hospy beds till they return home ...
This is the last time i am returning here some one needs to chase the destroyers
Coco was a sweet, cute little dog who belonged to a neighbor. Coco died a few months ago and it is so sad to see his owner walking down the street without little Coco by his side. I miss Coco.
A poem about my beloved Siamese cat, Teddy, who passed a way some years ago. He was very special and I still miss him.
I wouldn't have to wait for the cold season ... I would be WINTER.
Our blue eyed baby of the feline variety was dying, Mick was away trying to get home to be with me and Katy...
On Monday morning, 15th August 2011 at 8:15 a.m. the Vet phoned to tell me that my dearest little friend, a Jack Russell named Bisto, my constant companion, was terminally ill after we gave him a well known and prescribed de-worming medicine, which we discovered, he was allergic to.
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