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Adolf Hitler may well be the most reviled man in history, but he gave us one gem for which we should all be grateful.
The Lord continues to reiterate the importance of keeping the law with special emphasis on Aaron and his sons, the priests of Israel.
It starts happening sometime around our late-20s. All those bumps and bruises we accrued during our teenage years, though healed on the outside, start to appear in the form of random pains in our joints, or our backs — we just can’t move around like we used to. Some women start to...
Why are executions carried out at night? It appears to be because of the issuing of a death warrant, rules, and regulations. Stanley Tookie Williams is a famous execution carried out at night
Since Mona had but two weeks off in August, Adam decides to spend his summer working in St. John's and both would go home to see their families at the end of the summer.
The fate of ring leaders of the so called Bali Nine seems to be sealed. Australia has made every effort to save the two condemned to death by firing squad. It looks repugnant in a modern world that they will be shot, focusing on the heart. We all feel a tinge of helplessness and also ...
Thoughts on the second attempt to sentence the murderer.
When death comes, it comes for the poor children of the middle east. Yes, death is partial, it resides and lives in Palestine. It has taken up the Palestinian nationality. It is fed, sheltered and homed there. God Help them
This poem is written in the perspective of a popular youtube sensation that committed suicide after depression.
A true story of a traumatised man who murders his children.
The end to a sad story of a sad evil man—Nidal Hasan has been convicted and will be killed. But is this really a good thing? I don’t think so and I’ll tell you why.
A young woman in Pakistan was stoned to death by her uncle after the order of Panchayat because they found out that she has cellphone. I compare her to Mary Magdalene who was about to be stoned by the male in the time of Jesus. Mary Magdalene was spared from death but this woman was s...
JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. - Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales, 39, pleaded guilty, in a military court on Wednesday to the murder of 16 Afghan civilians. He said there's “not a good reason in the world” for why he did it.
This article is about the Jodi Arias trial. Jodi Arias has been found guilty of first degree murder of her ex-lover, Travis Alexander.
I wrote this in answer to a writing prompt. I hope it isn't too controversial a subject for posting.
And the darkness took over the killing fields, children cried for their long ago lost youth, And remembered they were nobody and signed the glowing book offered by a beast with red eyes.
This is a feeling poem of all who feel dead on their dying hospy beds till they return home ...
Death penalty is officially executed only rarely nowadays. But still many governments are for the official capital punishment. While world nations are rising against death penalty, India voted against capital punishment in the United Nations on 19 November, 2012 and hanged Ajmal Amir ...
This form of punishment has a long history as a form of capital punishment. Many societies have employed it as an execution method for crimes such as treason, heresy, and witchcraft. It might surprise you to know that this form of punishment was still carried out until recent times.
A mother whose children were murdered makes a plea to spare the life of the killer. Her plea was ignored.
A critical look at the death penalty and what consequences on our society it will have if instated.
The death penalty was used by the State of Georgia last night to murder an innocent man.
A short Haiku poem which describes in a few words the ultimate penalty meted out by our criminal justice system
This is a short paper I presented as part of my research Project many years ago. It covers the historical, ethical, social, and legal issues surrounding Capital Punishment. What do you think, is the death penalty a cruel & unusual punishment? Let us now explore the issues involved. ...
This poem is dedicated to my Best Friend Felicia , who was taken from us at the hands of a mad man. I miss you and have hope that he pays for taking you from us in such a savage way!
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