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Pakistan had suspended the execution of men sentenced to death in 2008, but this is revoked now and ovr 300 condemned prisoners have been executed
Writing about anything that can’t be neatly labeled is a frustrating experience. What do you call a memoir that has to be fictionalized to protect someone you’re writing about? Is it still a memoir if part of it hasn’t happened yet? If you don’t know how it will end?
"Blasphemy" is Asia Bibi's only voice to the outside world. A short read, it is a glimpse into her thoughts and emotions as she waits, condemned to death by hanging for her religious beliefs. Much has passed since the writing of this book, but it is worth the read.
Thoughts on the second attempt to sentence the murderer.
It should be after many years of marriage love go deeper and both husband and wife already understood each others' weakness,but why love has gone and hatred hoarded in the heart?What a waste of years ending in jail.What a painful reality.This means that sometimes divorce does not make...
Meriam Ibrahim's case caught the world's attention. However, hers is not the only one. There is another woman, Faiza Abdallah, who faces an eerily similar situation.
I hope and pray this horrible crime of robbery, rape-slay, murder and arson committed by 4 ex-marines versus a fellow soldier and his wife of 3 months will never be repeated. Read the tragic details.
This is a heinous crime and its horrendous perpetration as revealed by the serial killer himself on how he accomplished the killings may serve as a warning and deterrent to the public not to commit the same.
For years there has been a debate on whether death penalty is moral or not? But we forget to ask the main question. Is is effective or not?
The IPC and the code of criminal procedure 1973 lay down the method for execution of death sentence awarded by a criminal court. The sentence is to be executed by hanging only. Military law in India is the only law that permits execution of a death sentence by a firing squad.
This rollercoaster was thought of and created to end your life in a painless supposedly death.
This poem is written in the perspective of a popular youtube sensation that committed suicide after depression.
A true story of a traumatised man who murders his children.
John is falling through space, facing a sure death...... Suddenly, a glimmer of Hope....
I wrote this in answer to a writing prompt. I hope it isn't too controversial a subject for posting.
This form of punishment has a long history as a form of capital punishment. Many societies have employed it as an execution method for crimes such as treason, heresy, and witchcraft. It might surprise you to know that this form of punishment was still carried out until recent times.
A critical look at the death penalty and what consequences on our society it will have if instated.
An Internet Rumor on fire about the Singer's death.
This poem is dedicated to my Best Friend Felicia , who was taken from us at the hands of a mad man. I miss you and have hope that he pays for taking you from us in such a savage way!
The article highlights the efficacy of having death sentence in the judicial system of a respective jurisdiction.
Every country have it own law some give death sentence to murdered and some country only give imprisonment for only few year, does death sentence needed to punish criminal. Death is too good for the criminal they will never learn about they mistake just died without ever repent. so do...
~drifting down that rat hole~he don’t want to go there alone~so he invents superman~trades women sex for drugs~gets the boys that way too~the world is his his stage is his world~everybody wants to see it~make him run~run away~die rockstar die~
The world's population is split into only two categories or classes of people. Those who seek the Truth and find it and those who seek to oppose the Truth.
Mankind struggles through life either because of ignorance or because of rebellion
Although life on Earth carries on regardless, many are convinced that there has to be more to this cradle-to-the-grave existence and are seeking answers that they can rely on.
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