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We all come to go...The light vessel kicked about and when the one saw light out from the darkness he cried and cried as we all shared in joy ...the one’s arrival.
My short personal opinion about the Dyatlov Pass incident and the loss of the 9 skiers during the process of an unidentified attack which resulted the mysterious loss of their lives.
When death comes, it comes for the poor children of the middle east. Yes, death is partial, it resides and lives in Palestine. It has taken up the Palestinian nationality. It is fed, sheltered and homed there. God Help them
This poem is written in the perspective of a popular youtube sensation that committed suicide after depression.
Sooner or later, we will leave this world and come back to God for the eternity. You are not live for forever and The Death Clock will remind you about your death..
OUR BEST STAR poet inspires me form a birth rebirth society
And the darkness took over the killing fields, children cried for their long ago lost youth, And remembered they were nobody and signed the glowing book offered by a beast with red eyes.
About teenagers joining the army to fight in The Great War, how their excitment turns to fear as they march towards the trenches,
Some queer thoughts about death and dying! Oh! No, no... it's about living, if you can see what I mean!
The peacefulness of a Cemetery. The visitors to a grave-side. The thoughts one has.
This is the last time i am returning here some one needs to chase the destroyers
This poem may be unlike any you have seen before. It's about 100 lines and at times may confuse you. I suggest reading the poem at the very least four times before placing judgement on it. I hope you enjoy.
Human life is very small and unpredictable for sure .sometimes it really gets difficult to handle life's surprises...
Regardless of the degree of our sinful nature, we have a very special place in the heart of God because of that one single act of sacrifice at Calvary. However, we are required to make a decision
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