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This was the fourth race in the season, and after a sizzling start in Australia, where he dominated the race, but then lost to Vettel because of the safety car, Lewis Hamilton knew he needed to win. But with a car that is not the fastest on the grid, how could he do it? Read on to f...
There has been a black ribbon for the victims of March 11th 2004. It'll most probably be one for those in London, but nobody remembers the ones in Irak or Syria.
Spring cleaning goes well beyond washing the walls and mopping the floors. Getting in, under and behind appliances and furniture is key when it comes to making your home smell fresh, and allergy and clutter free.
A poem touching on the realities of litter and pollution and how it destroy's our environment.
The theme of this poem on the positive side of human life - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
There are memories that we can recall , that maybe we would prefer not to ... how nice it would be for the bad ones to be washed away ......and only the good remain .......
This is a Poem been dedicated to Pregnant women in Labor. It simply brings out the tough experience they go through, the pains they suffer from and their reaction during this situation. Some even go as far as cursing and hating (their Men, especially)..... But everything is for a whil...
Tornadoes have become common in the US. Summer months of every year are usual time to expect tornadoes. The plain states Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia are the normal victims.
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