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When my family had over $40,000 credit card debt at over 25% APR, we didn't know how we would ever get out from under it. With help from a credit counselor, we set up a Debt Management Plan and paid off the debt in 3 years. I got the opportunity to speak to CCOA counselors about the e...
This article is about What can Happens if You Do Not Consolidate Credit Card Debt
This article is about What you should know about student debt consolidation
Most us fail to plan our finance at the early stage itself. The individuals and families feel the absence of financial planning when the retirement age is fast approaching or their children’s education demanding huge funding or the desire for their dream home.
This is a quick review of how to calculate cost of capitol. it will review a few issues and attempt to provide realistic business methods.
You want a large house and a beautiful garden. The problem is in the cost of ownership. You must borrow money from the banker to buy a house. You also need to borrow money for funding college education, buying a car, buying the furniture, and so on.
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