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The posh bank standing today was once home to one of the spookiest eateries that came complete with an eerie atmosphere that kept diners intrigued throughout their meal. Today the building has been replaced by the TD Bank. It was rumored that the restaurant was haunted by several acti...
So where were you when Nelson Mandela died? I was sleeping I think, or still watching TV, about to go to bed afterwards. Then broke the next morning...
Loyalty is a grandfather, must be imitated. He is still eating with his wife even though his wife had died.
When choosing to stay at a haunted full-service hotel, you might as well pick one that is considered the most haunted in the state, and if you just happen to be in Selma, Alabama, that lodging would be the St. James Hotel. Despite the paranormal activity, the popularity of the hotel s...
Built in 1834, the prison was designed with the idea that inmates would eventually repent after deciding to leave a life of sin far behind them. Today the building is owned by The Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society who preserves the historical site through ghost tours that pro...
Maine offers a deep history filled with mystery, intrigue and ghostly sightings, and the five midcoast Maine towns of Bath, Wiscasset, Boothbay Harbor, Camden, and Damariscotta are no exception. In fact historic sites that have a background for housing orbs, manifestations, apparition...
If you enjoy being transported back in time while visiting friendly 200-year old ghosts, then you will most definitely want to visit the 20-room museum that was once the Townsend home that served host to Benedict Arnold, a British Commander, a British Major and a whole cast of other c...
Located on the haunted West Penn Trail, Livermore is also known as Satan's Seat due to the complex nature of the repeated floods that never allowed the town to replenish itself into a healthy form
The nostalgic hotel offers 17 highly spirited rooms decorated in Victorian style railroad d├ęcor that comes complete with several friendly ghosts that playfully slam doors, shake beds, and randomly flicker the lights.
To people wishing to say their final goodbyes, the body of Nelson Mandela was made available for public viewing at the Union Buildings from 11 December until 13 December 2013.
I wrote this poem for my brother who was tragically deceased on 28 Feb 2013. I felt a need to make it public as a remembrance to him and a way in which to honour him as he was dearly loved and will be greatly missed.
This is a short poem relating to death and the righteous
When we are taken out of this state of being, where will your spirit go?
A short Haiku Poem, where just a few words can yield a thousand images
Her sad death on 23rd March 2011 marks the end of an era of glamorous Hollywood stars.
Jane Russell lived for 89 years, but her legend will live on forever.
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