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This is a poem is about a boy i wish i never met...
The adage - idle mind is the devil’s workshop - pin us down to a destructive lifestyle devoid of substance and meaning. It is more led by deceit, negativity of thinking and action. It is time for us to find a higher purpose to our lives to bind us as one and elevate our thinking and...
This poem indicates to us that deceit always takes you up the wrong street of life. You depart your right path when you begin to practise this black art of deceit. Deceit becomes a thorn in your flesh, a splinter in your eye. You can never see anything truly as it really is, if you ...
A learned intellect deceived by a young deceitful boy. How can this be?
Men telling lies. But its not just men. Women do it to.
Life presents us with hidden charges and conditions. they are often in very fine prints of red flags and warnings. How often do we read these prints before clicking "pay"?
Can diamond be isolated from a million facets of polished glass? Can truth be sun-drenched under skytears? Can real love be unmasked, unveiled in a conglomeration of deceits?
Sin no sin is no sin All is in one's mind what one feels about a sin is no sin you are performing an act as desired by him
A poem about skin; it's intricacies, beauty, curses, and relationship to the world
I am in the middle of a book on Mary Queen of Scots by Marjorie Bowen which I picked up in a second hand bookshop in London. Have always been fascinated by this woman and am looking forward to seeing the new series Reign which started recently. Also I found the BBC video and have a...
HAARP stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, a project situated in Gakona, Alaska, United States. But what exactly is HAARP? In this writ, Captain Herman Griffith hands over the discussion on the subject to Sub-Commander Terrance from the perspective of one who k...
working a blue collar job with corporate jags at the top? this page is for you and i hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it. If this doesn't make you piss yourself nothing will trust me.
Understanding the mind of an enemy that is closer to you than you think.
Everyone experiences that one person who weren't who they made themselves out to be. It is hard accepting what you were to them, and that is what I based this poem on.
It's amazing how fast a lie will out run the truth ....
Romance is truly in the air on Valentines Day, and apart from the chocolates and flowers, we all enjoy a good Love Story where true love wins out against all odds.. Let me take you back in time into a Greek Mythological Past, where Gods are mighty and mortals frail and the tale of Ero...
Oh, the abuses our White House is being exposed to, corruption, nastiness, treason, abuse, vile smells, etc!
As a boy truth was important as the boy grow older his perception changed. He now sees honesty as a disability.
This November Presidential Race leaves the American people with a clear-cut choice and this movie explains the reason why!
A victim of love. what a sad climax to such professed love?
A look at how people can be deceived by others, be it by strangers, close friends or family. The theme of this poem centres on beytrayal and its effects of it on its victims.
In love and life, finding that special connection with someone is what most of us are striving for, unfortunately, what you have in common and where you come from can pale in comparison to who you come from.
As you sit there enjoying a regular pint or two, supping with your mates on a Friday night..just be aware how easy it is to slip down that slippery slope to alcoholism..It gives you no warning, just creeps up on you slowly...but it can destroy your world, and those around you ... When...
It's not just a matter of tolerance. Christmas isn't just a day of giving. it is a day of forgiving too. Any Muslim who doesn't believe in Jesus and his miraculous birth is therefore not a Muslim at all.
We all have experienced a time during our teenage years when we have "fallen in love" with a famous figure. What is it all about? Innocent attraction or unhealthy obsession? How can young people "get over" these passions?
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