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Making effective decisions is extremely important. Whenever we make lousy decisions, we reap failures, regrets and frustrations. We might lose our enthusiasm on many things, even with life itself. People become brokenhearted and regretful for things they have done hastily and without...
There is a big difference between a simple answer and an easy answer. To many that is the same but it really isn't. Allow me to explain
The title is a paraphrase of a Napoleon Hill quote: "Make a decision fast, but be slow to change it when it is a good decision." I wholeheartedly agree with that reality which is why I am writing this article and sections.
Most people believe that decision making is the most important managerial activity.
As a parent educator for over 25 years I have found that parents have many fears that are often unfounded and can cause them unnecessary challenges. In this article I attempt to help parents deal with those fears in a healthy, constructive and effective manner.
We are all proud of our nation and its development.But is our country really developing?
Business is not a question of money or toys, but the standard of living in which you want to live. The better your business, the better living standards to reach. This is a pattern. Life is lived on levels accessed in stages. At each stage you choose to advance or retreat.
Effective decisions, to be really effective, must be based on a certain number of criteria. These are listed here for you in part one of this article. In the second part, we examine the necessity in good decision making of our always seeing how their results will be seen from within...
Decision making is part of our daily living, effective decisions results into success that is why it is important to develop good decision making skills
Social media can also be a source of disease. Sometimes it could be the heart pumping blood to dirty and unhealthy desires, like staring for useless hours into people's timelines, only to realize in the end that valuable time has been flared into the atmosphere.
To ask ourselves where we would like to go, is not only a vacation destination, but also what direction in life
How is your life going on in your daily living? Are you content with the way your life is unfolding day by day for you?
poem about the choice being up to one to decide to do the right thing while paying the price should be a wake up call .
We have to learn to make our own decision in life, how would we learn from our mistake.
Strategy is a set of decision making rules or procedures for guidance of organizational behaviour.
Academically, the term is commonly used to refer to the group of information management methods tied to the automation or support of human decision making, e.g. Decision Support Systems, experts systems, and Executive information systems.
It is often said is that rational argument has more chance of success than emotional argument when supporting a particular viewpoint. Most of us though rely upon our emotions when arguing for or against an idea much more that we do rationale. This questions how we think and whether we...
Kindergarten is a scary step, but when your Autistic five year old decides they want to do all the things that the other children do, scary can take on a whole new meaning. The time it takes to get an Autistic child to cooperate to do what they have to do instead of what they want to ...
This page is about Making Right Choice in our life
I am one of the columnists of ExpertsColumn for more than a year now and so far, I have already published one hundred ninety three columns. And have earned at least 33+ US$ that started from March 2012 to date. After I read the article - why is ExpertsColumn for sale? published at Tri...
This page is about taking decisions in our life. We must avoid confusions while taking decisions.
Organizational behavior has consumed much of the attention of the business scholars trying to define and determine the business issues and trends. It is commonly anticipated that the individual needs, aspirations, and motivation play very important role in leading the organizations to...
The transition from a world of rules, decisions and judgement to a world of limitless freedom. The escape from the former to the latter has been described in this poem.
This poem is about decision making process and points.
Can you imagine a leader who does not make decision?
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