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Making effective decisions is extremely important. Whenever we make lousy decisions, we reap failures, regrets and frustrations. We might lose our enthusiasm on many things, even with life itself. People become brokenhearted and regretful for things they have done hastily and without...
There is a big difference between a simple answer and an easy answer. To many that is the same but it really isn't. Allow me to explain
Most people believe that decision making is the most important managerial activity.
At some point or another, people wonder, “What if instead of doing… I should have done…” At times, this could be a decision that they regret. But, what if instead of wondering “what if?
The decisions we make in life are based on the educational experiences on is exposed to.
The LaPierre household was about to be turned upside down! A major decision was needed and quick. Would the bizarre choice we were about to make be the right one for all of us?
To ask ourselves where we would like to go, is not only a vacation destination, but also what direction in life
poem about the choice being up to one to decide to do the right thing while paying the price should be a wake up call .
When we put ourselves on autopilot are endless hours of telephone, computer, and decision making that involves over a Home Office without paying attention to what is really happening to us .
We have to learn to make our own decision in life, how would we learn from our mistake.
After deciding to move across country, our family had to sell our home, buy another, and move while spending as little as possible. Then we had to get used to living in the country instead of a city.
4 What it's worth... I apologize for all those times I made you hurt.
This page is about Making Right Choice in our life
Being able to write about some of the challenges over a lifetime certainly can make life easier and brighter for many. Some people have a special gift to write but do not find it beneficial or useful to use it as a means of strength, therapy and helping
This page is about taking decisions in our life. We must avoid confusions while taking decisions.
The transition from a world of rules, decisions and judgement to a world of limitless freedom. The escape from the former to the latter has been described in this poem.
This poem is about decision making process and points.
This page is about taking our own decision, don't take other persons suggestion if you don't have more knowledge about that matter
Making decisions is hard enough, but making a life changing decision is even harder.
I am addressing a situation that required a decision and some of the steps for decision making.
The decisions we make guide our life - we learn from them - we grow from them. 17 years ago I made the decision to not raise my child - a decision that changed me.
Just ranting about a bad choice, time wasted, and chances lost. we hate looking back at what could have been, but it's never too late to stop and decide for yourself what could still be.
Marie was trying to start her life over but somehow things kept going wrong. In the end she was stronger for the experience and actually glad that she had it.
Decision making is an art for all human beings especially when they take up initial assignments
Good decision-making skill can help you reach your full health potential
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