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In honor of the recent Presidents' Day, here is a very mixed profile on our third President, Thomas Jefferson.
Was secession and the founding of the Confederacy an act of treason? Read on and consider a different point of view.
Many volumes have been written about American history. Here's a short list of fast facts of the early years. (Original column first published on April 5, 2012)
One of the best things about living in the USA is the 1st amendment and the right to free speech. We can voice our dissent if we are unhappy. With this in mind I have written five ideas that can get you started on the road to being more “involved.” Do it today!
Has the United States lost the basic concept of the Declaration of Independence in today's society?
President Obama issued a challenge this Fourth of July to Secure Liberty and opportunity for our children and for future generations as that "small band of Patriots did 237 years ago." Do you know what the Declaration of Independence says? Do you know what it means? Do you know h...
July 4th has become a very important day for me for many years now because I celebrate this day as a Filipino-American. I'm sure most Filipino-Americans do the same way, and this article will explain why.
The President no one remembers; William Henry Harrison
This article looks at the possibility that American leadership has some psychological issues and needs some serious help from us, the people.
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