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We who live in the west would do well to consider the words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the great writer and historian of Russian society: “Men have forgotten God, that’s why all this happened.”
Why are there so many false prophets? Why do so many embrace lies rather than truth? Why is the modern American church becoming so powerless? I must ask a dreadful question. Has the glory departed?
There are consequences when a generation has everything handed to them on a silver platter. There are consequences when God is forgotten.
The decision of the president to openly support same-sex marriage will have a negative affect on the sanctity of the institution of marriage, on the morality of the country and on the future lives of our children.
There is a reason why power corrupts. This article compares godly and godless leadership and attempts to explain why self-absorbed leaders act as they do.
What happens to a nation that forgets God? America's primary problem is not economic, or political, or social. The primary problem facing America is spiritual. A spiritual problem requires spiritual solutions.
Was 9/11 a warning from God to a sinful and arrogant nation, a nation that has forgotten God and the reason for its existence?
We are plagued by the fear of terrorism, we are rocked by corruption in our government and our economy teeters on the brink of total collapse. Who could deny our decline? Why is this happening and what can be done to stop it?
I understand that coming face to face with the painful truth about a country one loves can be extremely painful but I also know that solutions to our problems can’t be found until we stop running from the truth. It is not the searching after truth that hurts, it is the running from...
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