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While Mother and I are working in Studio B, Mr. Specter comes to call at the door. Mother goes to hear what he wants. "Where should we put that lion?", he asks.
Living rooms in the home serve different things for different people. This article gives you different ideas for different aspects of the living room.
Decorating your home doesn’t have to be costly. If you’re on a limited budget try these venues for unique and economical finds that will turn your house into a home.
You have decided on your venue, you have worked out where everything will go, and now it is time to work out how you will decorate! Decorations can be as basic or as fanciful as you would like and my main advice would be to consider the impression you wish to create. In Part 3 of the ...
You’ll be happy to know that 2014 is going to be an affordable year for all of us who are separated from interior design trends by an insurmountable barrier called money...
Several types of beauty contests and competitions are going from time to time in different parts of the world. In "Beauty Expo" was held Nail art festival September 22 at Sacramento, California, US.
Imagination is the key to upgrading wall design features.
Busy Moms - check out this time-saving guide to planning and re-decorating your child's bathroom.
Are you tired of having the same arrangement of your furniture and seeing the same thing around the house?. Does your family photos have the same background? Have fun in creating a new look to your house by these decorating tips.
It comes every year and still it surprises everyone who are shocked when they realize the Christmas is again here.
Oprah's article about not feeling comfortable in her Santa Barbara home caused me to reflect on the many creature comforts in my new apartment after 2 1/2 years of homelessness.
Decorating is an art, sometimes needs artistic point view and some times you can do it your self if its about your area. So decorating garden is super easy.
This article is a A Short Guide on French Country Décor
This is a Short Guide on French Country Décor and ideas
Do you wish to redesign your room or home into an Asian-inspired setting? Why not try making a Zen room?
Two simple (but gorgeous) ways to decorate cupcakes.
To beautify your home, you have to know the best tips on how to decorate your home. Make your home look different by decorating your home.
Guests dropping in on a short notice for dinner ; no hassles , here are a few ideas to brighten up your dinner table
We all know them...those wonderful men that go power crazy with a Power Tool in their hands....After all, what harm can a little DIY do......Help!!!!!
When you mention creativity, people think you’re talking about painting, or something high flown. Most people say they don’t have to time for any of that arty-farty stuff. But creativity is not the same thing as Art, painting water colours or writing sonnets or anything like that...
I am the proud owner of two deer heads (including the shoulders) and a full size stuffed turkey poised on a log atop the beautiful gun safe my husband insisted we buy. I have discovered furry things in my freezer that require dental records for identification purposes.
Home decoration does not mean to fill the house with money, however things shall be arrange in an elegant and decent way. Walls of a home also need to paint and to, enhance their beauty paintings; pictures and other decorating pieces like canvas art are used.
When shopping for Halloween decorations, the dollar store sometimes is the best option.
There are a number of ways to dress up a garden or outdoor sitting area for the holidays and it's much easier to do than you might think.
Is there anything more uninspiring than an apartment bathroom? The only thing I can think of is an office cubicle! Find out how to be inspired and how to decorate that tiny apartment bathroom.
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