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What I mean about food related to one's autobiography, it is because there are certain foods that we had once that can make us sad or nostalgic when we recall them.
The word “Karma” is the idea of action or deed. It is comprehended as the entire cycle of cause and effect originated in India and was considered in the Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh Religions. In various times, it was repeatedly elaborated in different interpretations but with s...
You can always be proud of good deeds, however little they might be.
Don’t do Dees..This is my third hopeful star as I plan to fly far Hope you all will enjoy it two as you all did the other two..So may I thank you as well as the moderator too...
This Agreement with you big impact in your corporate need .This makes you hassle free for your documentation for Corporate Guarantee & Service Agreement.
An investment in a timeshare has given me and my three children so much pleasure over the past nine years. Ownership will go into perpetuity which means that my grandchildren and beyond will be able to use my timeshare.
It is a poem which describes the inner feelings and thoughts of the poet
My description of a woman in travail over her decision to leave her family. We are sometimes left in the choices we make – good and bad!
A well designed brochure for a real estate agent will make the difference in sales
The Skillet Steed - the legendary creature of folklore - meets an insidious orangutan that doesn't take very kindly to benevolent deeds. Read to find out how the Skillet Steed faces this challenge, and shares a deeper lesson about grace when faced with people that just don't like you ...
Have you heard of the legendary Skillet Steed? Chances are, you haven't. That is because the Skillet Steed is very skittish and runs at the first sign of contact. This elusive horse cooks a hearty breakfast and then disappears into the wild blue yonder.
As changes occur as such a rapid pace, keeping an opened mind makes one endure the pace.
A story poem about a young Squire and his wife. After the King has falsely accused her of being an enchantress. The young Squire must turn the darkness of Knights', back into day. For all the willing Knights have failed.
Sometimes that thought holding back, can be one that can have a very negative outcome.
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