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This particular piece was written for a very special course I took called 42 days of writing. I loved the course so much I took it three times.
Mind splitting pain The pain I have been feeling for as long as I can remember The pain that was created by the monster The monster that my youthful eyes had to witness The monster with two faces
Don’t do Dees..This is my third hopeful star as I plan to fly far Hope you all will enjoy it two as you all did the other two..So may I thank you as well as the moderator too...
This is a poem about love, loss, tranquility, disruption.
We all know that there is nothing more fearsome than a scorned woman. She is vicious and revengeful. The closest in viciousness to her are gay men as I have experienced a number of times. This piece is dedicated to just one of them. I still have lots of good friends amongst them an...
Words can be used to convey so many things; Some deliberately and others not so intentionally.
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