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We all have thoughts and sometimes we get into deep thoughts about life. Let me give you a thought to think about deeply
Mind splitting pain The pain I have been feeling for as long as I can remember The pain that was created by the monster The monster that my youthful eyes had to witness The monster with two faces
Don’t do Dees..This is my third hopeful star as I plan to fly far Hope you all will enjoy it two as you all did the other two..So may I thank you as well as the moderator too...
A poem to the fellow peons from yours truly. Much love ombres.
In this poem I am just expressing what writing means to me.
People will have to dig deeper into consciousness to prevent the catastrophe of losing their self respect, a compromise in the independence of struggle for financial survival, it will require the exercise of integrity and self will to hold out when the going gets tough. Foreclosure an...
A philosophical poem regarding life, it's meaning and the roads we choose to take.
A spiritual poem regarding what may come in the afterlife.
Heart in the Holy Bible has a deeper meaning. It represents not only the physical organ, but the whole person, the attitudes, the emotions, the intimacy and the love of a person.
The blue color has a very deep meaning. As per the Chinese traditions, blue is the color of the element water that brings life as well as death. It attracts me very much.
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