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The Fort is in the form of a parallelogram measuring 930 meters, by 496 centimetres and is enclosed in a strongly fortified wall.
Akbar was the son of Humayun. His mother was Hamida Banu. He was born in 1542 at Amorkot. He was left in the guardianship of Biaramkhan. Humayun died in 1556 and Hemu occupied the throne of Delhi.
In the recently held Assembly Elections in India, , a nascent party born out of Anna Hazare’s anti corruption movement seems to have established its presence in the Indian political scene. The Aam Aadmi Party ( AAP ) managed to win 28 seats in the 70 member Delhi state Assembly and ...
A look at how delhites view their own citizens and infra
Everyone deserves a holiday of a lifetime. Mine was a trip to India.
The Journey of the Hind Rock Music Band Euphoria !
These just some thought on the Delhi Rape Victim case. Just my opinions and thoughts. Not blaming anyone. Just have a read. =)
The CISF and Delhi police is looking security of the Delhi Metro stations, due lack of staff the crimes are growing, they require more staff to protect metro stations.
Golden triangle is a well known name and the whole wide world is aware what it means but still who are not aware of its significance I would like to enlighten them by giving a brief comprehension about the same.
Tourists from all over the world visit India to admire the mesmerizing and scintillating charm of these cities.
Here i have shared my views about the city like delhi, which is good to live because of its infrastructure, but still very hard for me to accept this as a good place to live.
Discriminating women against the men is a curse for the society which destabilize the natural development of the society as men and women together build the society.
A self drive expedition of tour from Delhi to Bankok was arranged by Tushar Agarwal winner of Limca book of awards and Sanjay Madan a travel enthusiast.
Bangkok , Thailand's capital is offering 4 star hotel for rs 6000.00 per night. It is cheaper when compared with other cities of the world.
Archan Nair a Delhi Artist painted his friend Lindsy Lohan Picture called as Lilo
I know you must have read that India is a very diverse country and there is so much to see in here, everybody talks the same. But after traveling almost all the top tourist destinations of India I have selected my top picks, that can not be missed anyhow.
Golden Triangle tour is the best way to explore the attractiveness of India. India is a treasure trove of fun, entertainment, beauty, love, affection, adventure, landscapes and architecture.
Have you ever thought of experiencing India’s sheer beauty? If yes, then this thought is becoming real for you now.
India, the land of culture and beliefs is the prominent stopovers of the tourists in the world.
Blessed with scenic beauty, appealing panorama and incredible destinations, India is an ideal getaway towards fun, entertainment and leisure.
Culture of India is a true amalgamation of different languages, traditions, rituals, structural design, cooking, festivals and folk dance & music.
This article provides information how Indian cities were caught by Haze.
A detailed guide and information containing for what to do on India holidays?
Golden Triangle is a special tour package specially designed to cover up three magical and cultural cities of India.
Delhi is the capital of India and has a history of 4000 years
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