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Look at the ground entirely covered with fallen flowers! Listen to the birds. How beautiful they sing to one another and live in Joy!
You really do not have to stay in the condition that you are in. Your Creator wants to help you get ~ put back together again. RENEW YOUR MIND and get ready to soar like an eagle.
This poem tells about from where do I get inspirations to write such delightful poems and yes..Is there someone I write these poems for?
~morning duties~doggy-doo pickup~scoop ‘em up~hose ‘em down~while performing mundane tasks I attempt to become mindless~something I’m much better at the older I get~there are rewards in the zero atmosphere between my ears~such as~
According to recorded history Sri Lankan King coconut (Thembilli) have been brought up from the times of the Sinhalese Kings and have become a remarkable personality of this island. It belongs to the palm family and occupied prominent place among locals and foreigners alike.
I wrote this a couple of weeks ago for somebody, decided to publish it now. A bit of pain, a dash of uncertainty, some love-oriented thoughts and sentiments. One of my few poems that actually rhymes.
A late-night poem, born of lack of sleep and thought soup.
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