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Living at high altitudes not only provides breath taking scenery but can give your health a boost to better health
Elderly parents with dementia needs special care. Some times their families don't want to help out.
Sidewalk rage is a fairly new phenomenon. People become very angry with other people who are disabled and cannot walk fast enough. It is even worse for people who have what is called invisible disabilities.
The treatment of dementia is more costly than heart or cancer treatment
Winter is a time for cold and snow related accidents, be careful when you go out in the cold.
Hello dementiaite's I met another poet who also has DEMENTIA Don't worry all will be okay if you are okay
Some beneficial Tips to Improve your memory with Ayurveda. When we don't remember what was happened in the past, and when the similar situation arises again this problem of forgetfulness is rising in today's world and doctors term it as dementia.
Why are the city people more aggressive? The forests are good for your health. Do your own research.
Dementia is a fact of life for many, even most, families. It is devastating on a personal level to the victim and to the family. Look, up close, and understand.
This is a poem about a person with the beginning symptoms of Dementia/Alzheimer's.
My wife's death has put an end to my writing. I want to restart it and seek the help of my writer friends at wikinut.
This page includes a poem I wrote about Dementia as I have witnessed it.
This article offers advice about how to cope with caring for someone with dementia
Childhood is short, Adulthood is a little longer. But the second time around called the second childhood is the shortest of all for some but longer than all for others. What happens in the second time around. I'll tell you about mine so far.
Age is a crucial aspect of mental disorders. A high degree of disorders is seen in old age. Besides Alzheimer's, old people also go hard with a number of other mental health problems.
If you have a senior in your home, here are some ways to care for your senior. It's costly to put them in nursing home. There are a few alternative.
Those who suffer from multiple disorders like Bi-polar, Parkinson Disease, Dementia, need to build a wall in order to maintain a normal life without suffering a nervous breakdown or worse. Find out more by reading The Hand, The Wall, The Breakdown
Do you have a parent with dementia? You can help them maintain a high quality of life by doing the following.
There is no cure for Alzheimer's disease and experts predict that 1 out of every 85 people will be afflicted with it by 2050, so there has been an increase in research for better treatments and ultimately a cure.
A story about Veterans living in a Veterans hospital locked ward.
This is an intensely personal article that exposes how one life incident can break a person’s spirit. We can all be vulnerable. Out of sadness there must be a re-awakening of the spirit so that peace can be restored and self forgiveness can occur.
Cerebral scanner that identifies the type of dementia Scientists in the United States affirm that they found a way of identifying different types of dementia without require to make use of invasive tests.
It a lesson my Lord given us to learn from Our generation to follow his instruction In culture, in heritage and in our society.
Dementia or Alzheimer's decease has in recent times increased dramatically and it would appear that governments around the world are totally unprepared for it. It has been estimated that the number of people in the world living with dementia is expected to double by the year 2030.
Especially is this piece written for other writers like myself who experience all the vagaries of doubt, ego,love, hate, passion for their writings and so on and so on....
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