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Will 2020 be a repeat of voter fraud of 2016? Chances are things will only get worse.
The people who portray Donald Trump as mad appear to have lost their minds.
If you are a progressive in the mold of Franklin D. Roosevelt, George McGovern, Paul Wellstone or Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party long ago abandoned you.
Corruption runs rampant at Democratic establishment levels. Here are several examples of how primaries and caucuses are being stolen by Hillary Clinton supporters.
When Bernie Sanders can win state caucuses by fifty and sixty point margins, yet lose primaries in the same section of the country by similar margins, a red flag of suspicion is raised very high.
New Glimmer of Hope: Kudos to Chicago City Council Members
After years of heated disagreements and flamboyant disrespect of each other, the two major political parties have decided to join forces to put the needs of the people before their own need for re-election.
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