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I stumbled on a dream, Of Black feathers and poetry;
And so, over time, they all became extinct, to the very last one.
Excerpt from The Universes of God 3: The Chronicles of the Antichrist
Hinduism is a very old religion and over teh centuries tales of demons have emerged.
The murder of an influential man’s son takes place at the “Magnum Point Lighthouse”. According to the son’s father it would not be a problem. Turns out there was a brutal murder which gets the local News Paper involved? Both TV and Local News Paper reports are involved. Pl...
A strange phenomenon happening is a little town, a new bride adjusting to her surroundings. A gentle husband and two little children. What is causing the strange phenomenon to take place, is it real or is she imagining it?
A variety of subjects according to what my mind decides to create when the moment to write arrives.
Casting agent, Chrissy Glickman of Matador Content is giving a shout out to various paranormal teams and ghost hunting enthusiasts to see who would be interested in baring everything on camera. The call for naked ghost hunters for the new paranormal series will open up new doors of c...
Some feel that life should be a bed of roses, but the truth makes it impossible.
A&E is currently searching for families with huge personalities that are willing to share their ghostly experiences with the public to demonstrate true hauntings in a paranormal television series. Everything from ghosts, poltergeists, spirits, demons and all other paranormal subject m...
Sometimes a haunting can happen in the oddest of places. Even in ink, like this poem that I recently penned.
The Sallie House, located at 508 2nd Street in Atchison, Kansas has been given the appropriate label of being the most haunted house in the whole state of Kansas. It has been documented and confirmed over time as having more than nine full bodied apparitions, with a small female child...
The tavern has been established as the most haunted night club in the United States, and claims from patrons that they have had spirits enter their bodies while in the club only adds to the proof that this place is in fact haunted. Fifty paranormal investigators and a three-day parano...
Do you still believe witches can kill with the spells they cast? Then why are people able to kill those witches?
An Inside look at Possession and how to cope with such situations!
The classic duality of creation is at play all the time keeping us alive while goading us to be positive co-creators in our epic journey. The challenge does not exclude anyone, anything.
If you come across something that you see as being evil, it probably is so. Evilness hides behind ignorance. The outer person often creates images of false energy that clouds around them and obscures the real soul within from them. This happens because they have the freedom to do so...
The Universes of God 3: The Chronicles of The Antichrist preview
Meet the hero blessed with incredible strength, enhanced endurance and no matter the injury, has the ability to heal fast but whether there is fame or fortune attached, this superman doesn’t want to be a hero.
A poem I made up from hearing a series of sounds that made me feel a certain way. In this, would be what inspired this poem. Comments are open.
With Mahalaya, ten day festival of Durga Puja starts in the state of Bengal (India). Here is a glimpse into the most important worshiping event of the Hindu Bengali.
Has been a long time that a book kept my attention that I did not want to put it down.
The Mancharians enlarge on the topic of duality which resides in each thing and individual in the Universe. The concept may be illustrated by an excerpt from Kahlil Gibran's book "The Prophet" which likened "laughter" and "sorrow" to a well, thus: "The self-same well from which your...
The Universes of God III: The Chronicles of the Antichrist Preview
With their really scary totally black eyes, Black Eyed Children are the new craze of the era. Read on to know more about these demonic beings
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