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If we had seen, or even thought about the outcome of some choices made, we wouldn't have been in some unnecessary messes.
Whenever the disciples are named in the Bible, Peter is always listed first, of all the disciples, he was the one Jesus felt closes to. The apostle Simon Peter, along with the apostles James and John, made up the inner circle. Next to Peter James and John were the apostles that had th...
A couple of haiku's I've written on various topics. This batch involves haiku about my parents, breastfeeding, resentment and gluttony. Hope you find time reading these short poetry.
In the 1960's alcoholism was a condition that nobody would admit to. Here is a short story of a man who slipped down a very slippery slope, his life was all but destroyed by his illness but he refused to admit that he was an alcoholic.
Everyone has bad luck from time to time; if your bad luck never ends...there IS another reason.
A denial of service (DoS) attack is an attack that clogs up so much memory on the target system that it can not serve it's users, or it causes the target system to crash, reboot, or otherwise deny services to legitimate users.There are several different kinds of dos attacks as discuss...
Some people are in complete denial that they have problems and/or issues that need to be resolved and that some change needs to be effected in their lives and relationships to make things better.
When our resilience lets us down and we succumb to being ill, it feels really lousy.
Series of poems aimed at guys (or girls) who simply can't take a hint. "No" sometimes (okay, most of the time) really means "NO". When it's over, it's over.
Memories of Love might fade, but where it reigns it forever remains
Discusses parents accepting their child's Autism and the emotions that go with it.
This page is the thoughts and reality from the life of Thema Calliope.
It is evitable that we all must experience this at sometime in our lives. For most people it’s more than once that they have to go through this emotional turmoil…
“We have produced a world of contented bodies and discontented minds” - Adam Clayton Powell
There seem to be an increase in crime. Most seem to involve the use of guns
John loses his soul in the universe of his mind..
It is time to wake up to the truth! The blindfold on you is to be taken off for you to see what is happening around. Is this the truth? Is this justice?
if you read my earlier article titled 'keep pushing' you will see how when and how i was diagnosed with epilepsy, now i'm going to talk about some of the other challenges I faced once diagnosed
A day-by-day recording of an ischemic stroke. Day one after hospital is written in lower case because I only had one usable arm. Recovery therapy described.
You must savor those moments that your hearts flutter, since you'll want to remember how that feeling is. You never know when the next time you'll ever feel that again. Maybe you're i love, maybe you're in pain, you just can't always know what's going to happen next.
The title of this poem is in Welsh, the meaning of this statement is “The Denial of Family”, I believe. That should provide all the information that the reader would need. Comments are Open.
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