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What exactly is cosmetic dentistry? What procedures fall under this discipline? Find out all that and more with this article on the process and applications of cosmetic dentistry!
By now almost everybody knows what Teeth Whitening is. But what goes in behind the scenes? Lets explore this procedure and find out what's REALLY going on.
Want to know exactly what goes into a root canal? Lets take a brief look at what goes into the Root Canal procedure.
Wondering what the Teeth Whitening process looks like or if it's right for you? Let us explore the Teeth Whitening procedure together!
Wondering why you need to stay up to date on getting your teeth examined? Let me show you the benefits of routine dental exams!
Globally has racism become an immediate factor in the discovery that certain people still have not grown past their infant understanding that no price must be put on another life for all must live in freedom. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
Richard sat slumped on his living room sofa by the t.v, hoping that his favourite serial, 'Crossroads' would help to distract him from his toothache.
The story of me taking my cat to the vet for a tooth cleaning. It's not EXACTLY harrowing and bone chilling; but it involves a cat, so it's close.
True stories of “cures” that could never be explained.
A visit to the dentist can be quite scary, especially for kids and even more so who have tooth decay. Many people consider a visit a necessary evil and grit their teeth and bear it. Everyone has practical knowledge on how to prevent tooth decay, but rarely think about it on a day to d...
Bruxism is a condition that refers to grinding of teeth while sleeping. Teeth grinding is harmful to teeth and can lead to other dental complications.
People with diabetes are more prone to dental infections because diabetes reduces the body's immunity system to fight against infections. High levels of sugar act as as an ideal medium for the growth of bacteria and fungus that leads to infections and inflammations. Keeping blood suga...
Going to a quality family dentist can yield many benefits to a person who wants to maintain good oral health for their whole family. First is convenience, for a person with a large family, convenience is of great importance. By choosing a family dentist, a person who has a large famil...
this is an article to get over your fear on dentist,
Fluoride, is it beneficial or is it harmful? Let's take a further look into this ever present component.
Root Canal Treatment can be avoided in many cases by an Ayurvedic Technique called Oil Pulling.
Diet soda is very acidic and it readily dissolves enamel. Drinking three or more diet sodas a day can have worse dental health and had far greater tooth decay, more missing teeth, and more fillings.
This is on how to get rid of a tooth infection or pain. I guess we have those sometimes. Teeth infection are common sometimes.
This page is to commemorate the publishing my very first page on Wikinuts. Normally not an event to go nuts about, but then I am the nutty kind and what overwhelms me is that the moderator, took time off on a Sunday to actually pass and publish the piece. I am very deeply grateful to ...
Having trouble looking for a good dentist? This article provides tips on finding the best dentist available .
Dentists are specialists who are very important in every person's life. Having the knowledge of where to get one is very important. This article explains how one can choose the best dentist to attend to their dental needs.
Tips to help you find the best cosmetic dentist that suits your needs
This article is about Dental Implants Denver,informational article site in Denver
This articles is all about Toronto family dentistry
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