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The Poem shadows a sorrowfulness of a departure mood. It is time to say good bye - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
This Poem depicts on how the Soul is departs from the body - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Captain Jeremiah Higgins tells us about signs of things to come and the turbulence and calamities that have been occurring on earth show every indication that the departure and evacuation are near. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
This is a poem on death rituals and decorations, followed by the community cultural in India-WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
A.J. Fernandes departed from our world this past Thursday. A terrible loss for many, he was only 18 years young.
Short poem of a mental breakdown. I've experienced many and feel the need to get my feelings out.
All we really have is today, tomorrow is never promised to us and we must be ready to answer Creator's Call as swift as it may come. Ours is not to ask why but simply to accept and obey.
~standing on the cliffs’ edge~violent waves crashing beneath her~a sea lion dashed against ragged stones~eyes damp~hair blown wind~mourning the creature its death~a bit of something in herself~maudlin she thought~raised her arms~howled~a wounded thing she was~
On January 1st A.D. 2001 Many Christian countries as well as several others, celebrated the beginning of a new century and a new millennium, but to many other countries throughout the world, that day had no meaning whatsoever...
I depart for Darwin the day after tomorrow, after having been in New Zealand for a month. These eight haiku convey how horribly I will miss him. The online world is wonderful, but simply doesn't cut it anymore.
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