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A dream reduces stress it helps tears roll down It's a part of life as much as is Death So move on LOL
Sometimes we feel ashamed of what or who we've become and where we are in life..this is one of those times.
Sometimes it's hard to explain to the people you love the contrast in emotions felt during depression. Nothing about depression makes sense. It becomes hard to distinguish which is the real you, the sad person who holds it all inside until people leave, or the happy person who laug...
These are only some of the signs of major mental anxiety. If you find any of them in yourself or in your loved ones, take them to hospital instantly. Make sure that you are not wasting any time after spotting this problem since it will make the situation much worse.
A quick poem i wrote awhile back, I was dealing with hard times due to loss of loved ones and countless moments where I got kicked out of many places i stayed. I had the sort of recurring depression throughout middle school and highschool, nearly leading on to collage. As soon as i hi...
Depression effects many people if not everyone. i have come up with 7 ways you can change your life style and lift your mood without resorting to medication.
The power of perseverance goes a long way. This is a personal experience I'd like to share that I think people can somewhat relate to.
We all have have dreams and we all daydream. We sometimes spend so much thinking that we lose tract of one very important thing. What? Wait no more. Grab yourself some coffee, a chair and park yourself on the floor. I don't want you to get too too comfortable here.
This Autobiography is about my personal journey out of the pit of Depression, Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, & Apathy……..(the list goes on.) in my case, as a result of an Undiagnosed Personality Disorder, (We’ll get to that later.)
Losing something in life is never easy. Whether its health; job, house, dreams or the most painful thing, losing a loved ones. Everybody has to go through this in life yet not all has a courage to go on and go through each dreary day. I have my dose of it and I'm mustering every once ...
Anxiety can take joy from its victims. This article will show you how to take back control of your life.
for those people in a world not to good and those who try to give their all
This past week or so has been a real roller coaster, some serious disappointments, and some good things too.
This is a complete fiction, not based on any other stories I've read, though it may be similar to some. I hope this remains a fiction.
This article is to remind people who self diagnosis from the scant information they get from the Internet. The internet may be a useful guide but it is only a professional diagnosis from a health care specialists that can truly diagnosis a physical or mental disorder.
The last couple of days have been weird, some in a good way, some not so good.
Want to know exactly what goes into a root canal? Lets take a brief look at what goes into the Root Canal procedure.
Many people have bipolar and depression. Seroquel is usually the drug that is prescribed that helps with the symptoms. But in 2012 word got out the pharmaceutical companies which managed this drug was closing down.
Well, fortunately Father has been back home for some days now, after his gallbladder removal operation and the blood clots in his lungs that followed.
The time of year that surrounds the holidays, is stressful for most people, to say the least. Depression and suicide spike during those times, which can be attributed in part to SAD, or "Seasonal Affective Disorder" in other words, shorter days, weaker sunlight trick the brain and cau...
Well, now that Petros is no longer on this vacation with us, I should finally have rest for my soul and enjoy this vacation, right? Wrong. Seems no matter what I do or where I go, there's always someone to put me through a wringer. Now it's Elmarie's children, Stingley Junior and T...
Have you ever had your blood boiling because of somebody deliberately trying to frustrate you, until you just have that uncrolled outburst? So have I.
I realized something today: I carry a lot of emotional baggage. As the years go by and things lay dormant, you do not realize it, nor do you care. But then like today, something triggers it all up to the surface and bam! There it is again, as raw and as horrible as it was when you p...
After thinking this vacation has been going rather well, and that my initial fears of this vacation being a test of enduring of negative emotions and wishing it was over wouldn't come to pass, I'm afraid lately it seems we are right back to what I had feared.
Scientists have long known that illness and depression are linked. This study focused on depression and heart disease.
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