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Many of us find our selves with friends, and losing those friends. There is a theory that I think has value, this is not a new theory. I will however, give examples of how the types have impacted my life. The pictures, by the way, are not pictures of the discussed individuals but ...
Love has truly found a way to make my heart full once again and it feels amazing.
Describing the monster who can guess who it truly is and where it rests.
Inspired by a wonderful experience that I had recently.
Written for a close friend of mine that I care about.
No matter what we do He will always love us. There is no one else that will love you the way He does. But how can He love us so knowing all we will do?
April PAD Challenge Day 25 from Robert Brewer to use the phrase Everyone (blank) with filling the blank to write a poem. In this case the blank is filled with Needs Love.
November PAD Challenge Day 3- Write a poem about something that scares you.
"Your eyes are at the [i]Ocean[/i] – at the crossroad of the winds – have a depth and no deception, taken the cover off ignorance..."
Of the poetry prompt Tulips Are on Write/Market/Design. About remembering love even in symbols of love.
One of the most noted songs in the 20th century was IMAGINE by John Lennon... His vision that if we could imagine peace and equality here on earth then it is possible still lives on in the hearts minds and imaginations of so many...... The imagination can take us anywhere at anytime....
November Poem a Day Challenge Day 4- Finding something unexpected.
Who can buy their way across the river Styx in death? This poem embraces the idea that the rich should not gain passage and leave the poor to suffer their souls at the bottom of the river for eternity. A beautiful soul is the wealth and should be what buys passage! This is from my boo...
Empathy is the ability to put yourself in somebody else's shoes as it were, to see situations through their eyes, not so much your own......
Our body is amazing. Somebody can conquest the mountains, others can dive more then 150 meters depth - without bottled oxygen!
About how life is sweet with having you in my life always.
Black is strangely acceptable in spite of its contrasting qualities.A browse into the colour colour black has generated these ideas.
Apparently it can be very hard to calculate how deep a snowfall is. In this article I aim to demystify this ancient art.
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