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This is not a stand alone article but the first chapter of a short novel which i would like to publish weekly. It is a fantasy narrative of a young girl from an opal mining town in outback Australia. The story begins with the main protagonist leaving the mining town to re-settle in t...
In this instalment of the EENDAG video novel, you are going to meet a character called the Kevbot, a robot as close to a human being as you will ever get.
Located on the West Coast, California is the most populous state of America. Presence of Mediterranean type of climate and California Vacation Rentals has made it a favored tourist destination in the world.
This is my four star review of the most recent installment in the venerable Mad Max series, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. You can also find me on
Have you ever awakened in a place that you do not recognize? Often you say? Uh-oh, doesn't sound good. Well, let's assume you haven't and that it's still something special if it's not an alcohol-related incident.
When traveling sometimes we have a chance to reflect on what we experience. The sights, sounds and scents can open up our senses to the awesome world we live in and the spiritual connection that can awaken as we ponder the wonders of nature.
The vulture follows and soars and waits for you to drop, glistening with sweat in the desert heat.
It's so nice to watch the beautiful sunset and reminisce the past.
An expression of the emotions of an Overseas Foreign Worker. This shows the difficult plight they undergo just to provide a good life for their families amid loneliness and solitude. With so much longing for the company of the people they love while being away from them. Enduring hard...
There have been many Wayshowers who have brought teachings of a higher nature, of spirituality. Through the 400 billion years of this current yuga they have taken others with them to new lands to continue the teachings of light and sound, the Rod and the Staff...enjoy
Environment expert Henry Neondo calls for urgent action against soil erosion and desertification to save the vast continent
Wanting to feel the beauty and serenity of the rustling winds together with immortal memories shared with special someone that provokes the recollection of the unforgotten past..
When one is in the middle of an endless and mysterious desert, one can't help but imagine the profundity of one's existence in a certain time and space..
An expression of emotions and visions of being alone in the vast desert.
Recently, researchers has been found a complex of mysterious shaped that like pyramids near the Nile River with the help of Google Earth.
The tenderness of love can be found even in the desert. To experienced the beauty of the surrounding scene where the beholder could only understand.
This article is about a people living on the edge of a desert, in a remote part of India called the Bishnois. And from these simple living people we all can learn a very valuable lesson
The years spent away from loved ones is painful indeed, as only memories that keeps them in your heart always.
"To feel the tenderness of your dearest love's voice that brings so much warmth in moments that you feel lonely and cold.. "
What if there are real Dexters around who'll kill you if you've done something wrong
Over a canyon, Majoorbot comes flying. He is looking for the young man. The young man looks up. "Majoorbot, find anything?", he shouts up at the robot. Yes, it seems indeed Majoorbot has found something! The man starts running after the robot flying overhead.
Our hero is exploring the whole new world he finds himself in, in our movie EENDAG. Will he find himself some friends who can tell him what's going on here?
This poem is from an inspiration to me after getting closely linked with the life styles of UAE Nations, living in and around Ras Al Khaimah emirate. Ras Al Khaimah is part of United Arab Emirates-WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
If you enjoy eating carrot cake this recipe will make your mouth water. This is my personal favorite recipes for making carrot cake. I hope that you will enjoy making and eating this recipe for carrot cake.
I've heard the desert described with words like "dead" or "unfinished." I spent several years living in one, and I can attest that nothing is further from the truth. And I've got a place that you simply must see . . .
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