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A minimalistic, clean and user-friendly front end design is the key to building an impactful online presence. It will likely attract several visitors to your website, convert them into your customer, eventually turning them into your brand loyalists. So, make sure you partner with a r...
A guide to some of the modern lighting trends of 2016
We want peaceful life. Our houses have lost peace. The modern houses are noisier than houses of the past. A home is meant for peaceful rest and relaxation. It is a haven to hide away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life.
Christian Grande an italian yacht designer constructed a colony named "Abifloat" colony with ten floating modern designed homes different modules incorporate a roof porch, outside feasting and/or private parlor territories. Each one coasting home has a private passageway, secluded dec...
Looking for something new to earn from and decided I would do something I once did many years ago.
Canva makes design simple for everyone. Create designs for Web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and so on.
The tools required for creation of a website, edit or modify it. For the people who want to build there own website, tools and tips, the tools and designs that will help you build a website without knowing much or any language or coding knowledge.
Bachelor pads are usually considered a place devoid of style, taste and furniture, but is it time for these stereotypes to die out? I examine how the modern man can defy expectations and design a stylish and comfortable bachelor pad to suit a single man’s lifestyle.
Pearl Academy of Fashion is another upcoming institute. NIFT has even started offering a four year Fashion Design Information Technology course, where the whole drawing and conceptualization process is done on the computer, a pre -cursor to the coming in house industry trend.
Internet e commerce is simple. Having a good website helps to attract more customers. Modern Internet technology helps one build an online store without any fuss. Use online traffic analysis and store maintenance software to help with your business.
Custom logo design and custom web design is a best gateway to your business success.
Redoing your old bedroom is fun. It can be a challenge too. Let us investigate the factors that help and those that hinder the creation of a truly magnificent bedroom.
Elementary as it seems, designing a sales page is more difficult when one sits down to it. You have to keep the interest of the buyer within the page, right until he makes the payment and for some time beyond that too. Let us see how a good sales page sould be designed.
Michael Kors is a wonderful contemporary designer who understands fashion. His bags are much sought after by those who like to keep in step with fashion. Other accessories include wallets, wedges and wristlets.
Retrieve and transform old furniture is a great way to transform a room cheaply. Here, two bedside tables shabby wood was stacked, painted and revamped with legs and handles to create a super convenient style shabby chic .
The gap in working knowledge related to technology and software use between seniors and youngsters is a big one these days.
God has given some skills as gift, a swiss family built a amazing tree on the tree. The tree house is build incredible and it is an amazing ides.
You've found the venue for your book launch, but how do you design your layout to maximise the space and make sure everything runs smoothly? This second installment of the "Launching Your Book in Style (Even on a Tight Budget)" series will help you out with practical lessons learned f...
A graphic designer, or graphic artist as they are also known is a person who places together images or motion graphics (or both) with typography in order to produce their work.They will primarily create such work for printed, published or electronic forms of media newspapers, magazine...
In the world of art different mediums are used for drawing. The body is a canvas for some where beautiful tattoos are drawn. Some of these designs are extraordinarily beautiful and truly works of art. The question that begs to be answered is this, 'Does the artist have any rights on h...
Real Lamborghini Aventador Police Car made by paper. This amazing papercraft was made by designer Taras Lenko. Take a look how this papercraft assembled just like real Lamborghini.
How I extended my house for a library and study space, with an added tower and spiral staircase
In order to love your kitchen, you have to feel nice in it, and to make that happen you have to make some investments to make it be functional and nice...
Create a worthy impression for the treasured words. Thoughts do grow and develop into writings to keep and often require another added page.
Owning a website is going to be inevitable in future, I guess.
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