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Argentinian fashioner Raul Lemesoff on the occasion of world book day, he converted a 1979 Ford Falcon war tank in to a moving library. The library containing 900 books spread on the shelfs and the vehicle is moving on roads of Argentina.
New Zealand based designer Richard Clarkson developed a Thunder cloud lamp light like cloud with lighting and thunder except rain. The cloud based light have audio visual and worked on Bluetooth device basis.
One Fashion designer started to use Lego blocks as jewellery, bracelets, cufflings and those are marketed by Etsy. Now the designer using Lego blocks for making handbags, purses they are very cool in looking.
When students are confused to decide on their future career once they finish of their studies, graphic designing is one option which stands evergreen
People design websites without using SEO. Even when you create content for your page you have to follow principles of SEO. This will help your website look better and load faster.
Want to share the rich culture of my hometown of Miagao in the Philippines especially the weaved cloth and tourists spots
Improve office efficiency and structural elegance of interiors with replica office furniture. Offices need furniture of many types, getting designer models may prove to be too expensive. Replica furniture are comfortable and they have good looks. They help make the ambience of the off...
Clothiers and designers practicing artisanal fashion production can influence their customers to support locally-made clothes, fair trade practices and local businesses. They can also educate their customers about paying a premium for quality products made by skilled artisans that are...
Many designers today are proud because they made a product that was admired by the general public. Learning that the original copy has a great designer will put us in right perspective.
Pierre Balmain was born on 18th May, 1914, in the village of Saint Jean in the French province of Savoye. He was an only child and his father who was a shopkeeper, had high hopes for him. In 1932 he went to art school in Paris to study architecture but his heart was not in his studies...
The size controversy rages on. Even though there are more diverse sizes and shapes are shown, high fashion runways are still very thin.
Luo Don a painter and designer from Chongqing, China, wearing Deer mask every day since 2009 for inner peace.
A Bulgarian designer Margarita Meleva created beautiful dresses with rubber bands. Her latest creation with 18,500 rubber bands
A Shanghai bases designer E Square crafted Keyboard coffee cups, symbols are printed on the bottom.
It is easy to top-notch software with commercial logos, brochures, websites and films. But it is often hard to decide when to buy expensive software.
Graphics design classes offer a way to turn creative talents into a stable job. Many artists never dream that their abilities will transfer into work that pays the bills on a regular basis, but with the proper training and the addition of current technology, a knack for creating sketc...
Louis Vuitton luggage is synonymous with wealth, style and high fashion and the ownership of a genuine piece is seen as a status symbol
It’s Monday morning. You open your closet and re faced with the debris for years of constructing your wardrobe–and you still have “nothing to wear.” It’s the problem that’s been plaguing and puzzling the clothing clueless for years.
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