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The philosophy of man & woman being born as earth soul mate companions.
Sometimes in our lives we have people who have hurt us so bad and tore our hearts apart that we believe it is impossible to forgive. This is just a prayer in times like these to give you a helping hand towards the first step in forgiveness. Forgiveness is possible.
Quentin captivated, he was more than imagined, and without thinking I cut and pasted my life to fit into his
An Overview of the Influence of Scent upon Human Sexual Behavior.
What men desire most and mostly.By now the whole world knows we beget as per mans wish only
...enjoy our love affair. my voluptuousness is all yours... Love me tonight my love... -erotic story of an unstoppable fantasy-
We know the answers for a much better world but the change has to come from us through self-realization. It is against natureā€™s way to treat us differently by giving us what we want on a silver platter over and above the basics. We should have the wisdom to shed some mental baggage ...
Taking a sexually explicit journey through erotic thoughts and experiences, this article has explicit images alongside adventurous erotic thoughts and the pleasure in this world that is womankind. If you have frail sensitivity do not read.
Poem I wrote for a man I love deeply- and yet am without. Long distance relationship. People say it cannot work, I cannot conceive that we will fail.
Desire is a lovely word and Lust is not bad. Maybe the scriptures need a rethink on these two words
This poem deals with the ups and downs of life, falling in and out of love and re-birth. Like the phoenix emerges from the ashes, so should those who have been let down by love in life, for it is not the end.
In counseling at McGill University, in Montreal, students learn about many key figures in psychology and psychiatry who have advanced the art of counseling. Dr. Milton Erickson. was a great hypnotherapist who practiced a form of brief therapy. The African Violet Lady of Baltimore is o...
your hands on my body, turn me on your hands on m skin, I love it!
This post describes how our society is spoiled by unethical doings, corruption and crimes, are they teach us a lesson to learn?
This is my first post as a black belt and as so I thought that love and desire should be the topic, because I love it.
An inclusive take and a shared journey can propel us to higher realms of coexistence. Every New Year implores us to strengthen our resolve to forge ahead leaving behind the hurts of the past. We have come thus far with some luck and nature playing its part more than we care to admit. ...
Romance and affection is important in a relationship. To express passion, and feeling to one another can be a great thing. . Giving and receiving, we give our friendship and our physical and emotional self.
Are you hanging onto anything too strongly? This article looks at the way that we can become attached to our wants, and desires. When you detach yourself from your ego's wants, and desires, this is really what true detachment is all about. When such wants, and desires all drop away...
When we allow things to be, are we being passive? Should we activate ourselves by having wants and desires? This article will answer both of these questions for you. The surprising answer is that only love can activate us in the right way to allow us to be our real selves within it.
Each and every living person has needs, hopes and desires, yet even for the most successful many remain unfulfilled. So what does this writer want? Well that is wrapped up in the content of others, you think about it.
A Short poem describing a boy's desire, a moment of his life which may be he was dreaming of...
Six Little Poem 1.The Chickens' Fate 2.The Alone Desire 3.The Circle 4. A Moment in Space-Time 5. Life 6. The Wolf Has Come
Expectations, desires, and wants can unbalance you into going forwards only in their direction. The solution then is to return yourself to a more balanced position. How do you do this? This writer is saying here that only love can do this for you. You must first accept life as it is...
These are things in my mind i woke up with, pleas read and enjoy, my mind was full and needed to express it.
This poem relates about the two lovely flowers the Rhodora and the Rose.Many do not know the hidden beauty of Rhodora and being condemned as having beauty wasted on earth and sky.Whereas the Rose is so famous in and out ,hot and grand.
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