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Keeping your own personality when you write stories is very special. Be a Cheeto while the rest of the planet is full of Fruit Loops.
In every life adversity is encountered at some point in time. It is important to have a high tolerance for ambiguity or lack of clarity. Sometimes we follow instructions that we thought were given but learn much later ~ after the adversity ~ that the exact opposite was true.
What men desire most and mostly.By now the whole world knows we beget as per mans wish only
Miracles desired, miracles wanted, miracles needed. But the greatest miracle of all is getting what we want at the exact time that we need it. This article is not so much about amazing miracles, but those everyday miracles that happen that way, where we get what we genuinely want at t...
We often wonder why we attend church all of our lives, but never experience the peace and joy that God promises to believers. Maybe we need to check our mindset. Perhaps we are holding onto old habits and behaviors that are hindering our spiritual growth. Maybe we're not thinking righ...
We are giving into the desires of outsiders, throwing away our heritage, bringing death to this country through attrition. Read more:
What happens to a holiday like Valentine’s Day when it is commercialized? This article offers a critical overview on how society’s views on love and Valentine’s Day have changed from emotions, to greed and materialism over the decades thanks to consumerism.
This is my first post as a black belt and as so I thought that love and desire should be the topic, because I love it.
Are you hanging onto anything too strongly? This article looks at the way that we can become attached to our wants, and desires. When you detach yourself from your ego's wants, and desires, this is really what true detachment is all about. When such wants, and desires all drop away...
More of a song than a poem, I wrote this after receiving some inspiration.
Expectations, desires, and wants can unbalance you into going forwards only in their direction. The solution then is to return yourself to a more balanced position. How do you do this? This writer is saying here that only love can do this for you. You must first accept life as it is...
Divorce cannot be avoided in the society.When a man and a woman are united in marriage, they love each other so deeply that after a few months/years,their relations are soured,and bitterness is developed within them, ultimately relations are torn apart .divorce takes place between hu...
People who hate others are actually hurting themselves. You can see their evils and other bad deeds written on their face. Do I need to elaborate?
This poem is about how; I use writing, as a way to express myself. Words come from within, my soul as I write.
Some poems like life should be just fun and whimsical. Here is a strange poem by Bravo Von Muller, the poet who is featured in the European Tribes of North America book of poems, (ETNA book of poetry).
To change life as it is said in The Master Key System, then we have to change the inner world, because it shapes the outer world
A parallel economy and hot water baths..Wait for another snippet..under the sheath..The sheet has been purposely miss spelt just keep it in mind guys and gals All is sexy
This poem depicts the seven colors of desires formed with in the human body - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Trying to know the answers of many questions.. begining with who i am.. why i am so.. what made me so.. who made me so... nd so on...!!
Human desire is natural as we all crave for recognition and acceptance as then only we engineer ourselves forward
If you so don't desire A poet return s a comment just a thanks to him
A poem on how man runs from one desire to next, and never finds what he is truly seeking, and on what is the secret of true happiness...
While others can give us only a little of the world, God can place the entire world at our feet. All we have to do is ask...
Issues of the heart when we were listening to God's words
Lined and wrinkled...the passage of time moving, yet standing still
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