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If you have fallen and feel like giving up because you've fallen too often? Please join me! You're not alone. You'll never be alone.
Doing something different and out of my ordinary this morning. I'm going to be telling you a little story, but first, let me ask you a hypothetical question: Have you ever just sat back, feeling numb and like your head was in the clouds, know where you wanted to go, where your suppos...
How could you describe a feeling of despair and loneliness? This another poem from my teenage years and how this poem became outlet of my depression.
We are unable to come out of the rut of vicious circumstances we have created over time and most important is the inability to agree to disagree which is a hallmark of democracy and freedom. It is time to agree on the fundamentals to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps to better our c...
Why does it seem as if society teetering on the edge of catastrophe? Reason and logic are taking a backward step while frustration, depravity, and despair seen to be leading and guiding all too many people. The state of the economy, bumbling from one recession to another has a large p...
This poem relates how mother nature throws back people's abuses on its natural kindness and duty through pollution.
So many people seek revenge for what often are illusionary slights. They search not realizing it is their own life they are harming. Some beautiful music here and a video of eyes ...all sorts to enjoy....
Here are four poems that allude to the untenability of the human condition, the darker aspect of humanity, and the uncertainty of our past and future.
This poem compares the activities of the sea to humans.Its metaphoric activities are real and its imagery really bonded with how humans react to life according to experience and destiny.
his soul was vexed unto death,Then she lulled him to sleep on her knees, and called for a man and had him shave off the seven locks of his head. Then she began to torment him, and his strength left him.
From calling she came to know. In night of transition of m/v”Admiral Nakhimov” to en-route Odessa is Yalta, their joint apartment, mother and her twenty-eight-year daughter, – member of the ship’s crew - had been robbed. Her mother, in Odessa, was alive… Daughter, full ...
This poem tries to show you the reader that even despite all of your great pain and difficulties, hope still desperately hangs on inside of you waiting for you to love without stopping, once more again. Love brings hope, because hope lives within love.
Its one of my poems I wrote when I began doing poetry .........
What if there are real Dexters around who'll kill you if you've done something wrong
My son was going through a rather acrimonious divorce and at one point his ex wanted to stop him seeing his son whom he loves dearly. I as his Father ahd a feeling of hopelessness, there was nothing that I could do. All is OK now though.
Life is full of lessons and we should learn to appreciate all whether negative or positive.
A poem describing the feeling of pain and despair on loosing someone precious in your life.
Shall he turn her? Will his Obsession take the better of him? probably lol
Feeling down sometimes masks the greater problem of depression, but a sure sign of serious depression is a total lack of interest in anything. Not wanting to talk to anyone, feeling like your body parts weigh a ton to move is another sign of depression.
In here, all of my dark thoughs of myself, others and the world is gathered. It may contain some hope, but dont be sighting with relief yet; many of them contains hidden words and meaning. Unless youre a bit like me, you wont understand. Some writings is something i have experienced, ...
Compilation of Poetry up to 2002. Life, dreams and matters of the spirit
this page will highlight the stories in our lives that we intend to share with people
More emotions spilled on paper, sometimes the patterns they make are quite lovely to behold
PTSD is becoming more prevalent on the decade-old wars we are having, and some people still don’t know what’s happening. Stress is handled differently by so many people – the outcome is sometimes dealt with, and at other times becomes battle fatigue, shell shock, or PTSD.
The angst of a lonely 20-something struggling to find life's path, the despair of living life in fear of pain, rejection, or even not at all, and the desire to find a way to live.
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