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After the tragic fall of Adam and Eve that took pace in the garden of Eden, Mankind in society began a process of repair, to get back into a meaningful relationship with God. In the future, mankind is destined to becomes the sons and daughters of God. For as many as are led by the Sp...
Is there a life after death? The realm of living must be infinitely better than what we have experienced during our earthly existence, where each day is fought with danger.
My feelings regarding my shadow and realizing what I wanted will not always be the same later on down the road.
A poem that echoes about love that'll lead to destiny above everything.
Listen to the inner voice for passion, guidance and encouragement. We have to move on with a spirit of inquiry to better our lot and by playing our role as co-creators. Our quest for an inclusive ride will soothe the nerves of those who feel left out and even encourage them to join th...
I've always admired people who follow their dreams with conviction. This poem is a tribute to all great warriors who have inspired millions like me.
A page of poetry, including holiday destinations, love and loss, humorous, poetry for children and hard hitting issues such as domestic violence and child abuse. There is also inspirational and though provoking poetry. I try to be a little different and have many styles including my o...
A police officer has a nightmare.....& some harrowing this real or is there a logic to it ?
Destiny rises up out of our lives to meet us on our road whatever road we decide to take. This poem describes this process. The second section offers a type of explanation. Finally, the last poem here tells us that our destiny itself is actually always trying to find us!
Life may look like a stage but it's a kind of stage where you write your own script & decide your own role.
Max and Danielle were torn apart by war. Destiny brought them back together again. Their love will last an eternity.
Danielle and Max spent the evening together. It's the beginning of a new day. They are looking forward to spending it together. Another storm front is developing and Danielle will have to leave soon. She has responsibilities at the farm and animals to take care of.
A finite mortal earth being evolutionary philosophy of almighty immortal destiny.
A love poem, I hope you guys feel the connect. . ♡♡
Being human with reasoning ability, we take it for granted that we can expect better times afterlife, whatever it means and in whichever form. The Creator, however, keeps his cards close to his chest – keep dreaming and hoping is his refrain with hints that it depends on us entirely...
The page tells us about a part of life and how to enjoy it.
When I have stop breathing I will be no longer around, my spirit and soul will have found the resting place, which was prepared for me a long time ago
This is about friends growing apart in life and moving in different directions
Ultimately perhaps we all have the same destiny. We are all heading to the same final place. Our own individual destiny though could be said to be the way that we get there. We all have our own path to travel upon, and our own experiences to live upon that path. What meets us on t...
Sometimea in life we face a situation when a lot is there within us but still we rain silent..
The world we find ourselves in is created by us. Nature nurtures us all along and what we reap is from the seeds we have sown. Babies come with wonder in their eyes and an inner knowing – let us not poison them with our warped thinking.
What is a Master number and is it significant? Are those people with these numbers special? Numbers indicate potential and like all destinies and free will it is your choice to choose your path.
Is Fate another word for coincidence? Whether we realize it or not, Fate plays a part in all our lives, but not of all us will understand our destiny.
Now that i am old and frail with only sentimental memories to hold on to, I am walking away in dreams of clouds that will only fade when the ashes turned cold.
It's hard not knowing your future, and it's harder to be okay with that fact. Here's an ode to the mystery of the unknown.
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