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Cyclone Winston has passed and Fiji started to rebuild again. The people in Fiji still have the painful memories of the wind.
Bravery... who has bravery? Bravery to face one's enemy? Braveheart maybe? Well, Braveheart, eat your heart out, because there's someone else who is very, very brave! I am of course referring to Bug the bug.
"Slowly Petros! Slowly! SLOWLY PETROS!!!", Father says more and more strict to Petros. And then, it's too late.
My blood boils one day when Duggles shows me the damage some or other of the demon dogs did to the quadbike. They seem to have torn off and chewed to pieces the seat of the vehicle. Why do they do that now??? Why are they so evil?
This morning, while I'm in Tower Mansion, I suddenly sniff what smells like smoke.
There are many ways to destroy things, but some ways are more interesting than others. An interesting way that was introduced to us recently, was Harrison and Mary's way of destroying their brand new furniture.
Marzeus is feeling sick as he's standing holding Wolverine. This isn't why he brought people along to help him! He didn't want to kill! He wanted to save!
The pen is mightier than the sword, but our power of speech comes from The Lord
Today there are many incidents which are happening around us is effecting us in a very bad way. There are incidents like terrorism where some cruel people are involved killing innocent people is the matter of major concern now
Mitcham railway station opened in 1882 and closed a few days ago. Now, she is just a memory as the destruction is complete and her former grounds are leveled. This is a follow-up article to "The Last Train From Mitcham" by Porle Joen published on January 3, 2014.
U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday (17/10/2013) night in the U.S., said the budget dispute resulting in "shutdown" of government, undermine U.S. credibility and make the American people fed up with Washington.
A change in the way we perceive life and towards positivism will bring a sea change in our lives. Let us not forget that we are at the apex of all species; thus masters of not only our destiny but also of our fellow travelers.
The hopes and aspirations of innocent majority remain stymied as politicians play endless politics to suit their agenda. This has happened all through our history. Even the advent of democratic process and the freedom that we enjoy are unable to make a dent on this seemingly insurmoun...
Nuclear weapons are present in many countries now and this is really a horrible news for mankind as these destructive weapons will only destroy the world and nothing else
We are destroying our own home. The sea of human life is being made dusty by none other than us, humans.
mankind cannot live forever in this limited body, corruption must redress itself and put on in corruption, the mortal body has to enrobed and put on immortality, ideally, mankind is a spiritual being, which lives in a physical body, and the body is only a house to carry the spirit ar...
This is a short poem about those internal echoes, why we have them, and what they mean
A short poem which describes world war as being near, and about how spiritual merits protect from fear
On June 30th,1908 at morning 07.00 AM ,the biggest unpredictable explosion happened in the history of the world.Many of you might have not heard about this incident which happened in Siberia.
A poem full of built up frustration over hatred and ignorance and evil deeds.
I just wanted to see whether I was able to write something because someone asked me to write a poem within 5 minutes. War never brings peace. But war becomes a necessity and a reality when peace has to be established by consensus of many nations. But war can never be a solution to b...
For years, the feared Kretec has been roaming around the town of Mayshire and has been hiding out in the woods nearby. Many went in to destroy the Kretec, none came back. But it might be different this time because a young fighter by the name of Iko Kren has now volunteered to the ta...
Rats in India are healthier than the Indian people. They destroy food products and eat the food grains stored in warehouses. The food products spoiled like this is enormous.
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