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"Sound Navigation and Ranging" or known by the acronym in English is "SONAR", that is an American term that was first used during the World War, which means that the spacing and voice navigation, is a technique that uses sound propagation in water for navigation or detect other vessel...
Breast cancer, is generally characterized by the presence of a lump in the breast. However, do not trigger worry if found a lump in the breast because not all mean cancer, and most are benign (tumor).
This Article explains what is a Deadlock, what causes Deadlock, how to prevent a Deadlock, how to detect and recover from a Deadlock and how to avoid Deadlock.
You can save your life by acting fast when you understand the early signs of cancer
Did you know that you can save your life by early detection of cancer? Get to know the early signs of cancer today.
An intrusion detection system (IDS) is software and/or hardware based system that monitors network traffic and monitors for suspicious activity and alerts the system or network administrator. In some cases the IDS may also respond to anomalous or malicious traffic by taking action suc...
Microsoft is a free anti-virus by giant itself. It is at its early stages but gives you minimum protection.
These are the free anti-virus to stay safe online.
Need to know if someone is lieing? Here are a few pointers to be able to determine a lier.
The best things you can do to prevent hearing loss are to limit exposure to loud noise and have your hearing checked regularly. Consider these tips.
This article is on the signs of pregnancy. How to detect pregnancy symptoms. It is better to detect a pregnancy much earlier than the symptoms show up themselves.
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