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Why it is of utmost importance to add green tea to your daily diet.
Did you know that some cleansing diets can be harmful to your health? Learn about the fundamentals of a cleansing diet and how to avoid unwanted side effects.
Try these naturopathy diets for combating diabetes and general body detoxification.
Cleansing and fasting are very different, although they are often mistaken for the same. There are some similarities but not much.
Dry brushing to detoxify your lymph glands is easy and only takes a few minutes for and excellent method of keeping a healthy immune system.
Skin problems, digestive problems, depression, insomnia, stress, having excess weight, occurrences of colds and flu, aches and pains are all signs of toxicity. If you experience any of these, then it’s your body telling you that you need to detoxify now!
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