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Why it is of utmost importance to add green tea to your daily diet.
Would you like to lose weight and/or detoxify your body? This is a simple seven day detox diet. I have made the food list simple so everyone can find the things on the list, also I have tried to keep in mind costs, as most things here are reasonably priced. Please note I am not a d...
Dr. Dre releases his third and final album, "Compton: A Soundtrack", after a 16-year hiatus.
This chapter is about alcohol abuse and dropping out of college.
A chapter about puberty which includes a tale of getting busted at 12 for stealing a pair of socks.
This is chapter one of my autobiography, Eating My way to Heaven about my recovery from incest and bulimia and my transformation through a SuPRANAtural experience in the garden.
Beets and ginger have great detoxifying properties but are difficult to to eat in large quantities. This juice recipe is a great way simple way to get the benefits.
My fiance started back to work on the sixth day of his alcohol detox.
We had a little family outing on the fifth day of my fiance's alcohol detox.
My fiance is detoxing from alcohol and these are my thoughts about day 3.
Detoxification is a traditional treatment and one that has become popular. Though it has benefits, it is often misused and can be problematic. Read why.
Cellulite is an accumulation of water and waste in the fatty layer under the skin, which causes lumps to form and gives the skin that horrible orange peel look. So what can you do to stop it? With some simple, affordable tips you could very well stop it before it even happens.
Liver is one of the crucial organs when it comes to detoxifying our body. And lemon is here to help us.Learn how!
After a ten-day treatment at a detox center, Philip Seymour Hoffman is now back in a set in Europe
There are many benefits with Aloe vera juice, it works on the skin rashes, cuts, bruises and sunburns.
If you are looking to know "Does ionic foot bath help you to improve your health", This is where you will get it. This article talks about the ionic foot bath and detoxification in detail.
The focus of the article is on Eyes. Eyes are among the first parts of our body to betray our age. This article discusses some of the simple steps towards eye care.
Information about elderly alcoholism assistance and detox.
I have heard about detoxes and even known people to do them but I have never ever tried one until now....
Ionic Foot Bath is really helpful and beneficial. It releases waste and keeps our body clean. We all do a lot of experiment and treatments to make our outer skin glow, but we always forget and do not consider this that we have to maintain our inner body as well.
A natural body detoxification process is the best method to relieve the harmful toxins in your systems
Detox and dieting are all important elements of our lives but we need to have caution on how to carry them out
For our own body to perform to its maximum potential, toxins need to be flushed out.
Dry brushing to detoxify your lymph glands is easy and only takes a few minutes for and excellent method of keeping a healthy immune system.
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