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Plymouth is the biggest city of Devon, in the United Kingdom. Located on the south coast it has a maritime and naval heritage, and also a few good sit es of note.
Torquay is a seaside resort town located in Torbay, Devon. Torquay has plenty of highlights and great places to visit when taking a vacation there. These are five great places to visit in Torquay.
Agatha Christie was a famous author who lived in Torquay. Agatha Christie produced some classic novels which inspired TV detective series such as Poirot. As such, there are many destinations in the seaside town of Torquay that have Christie connections, including the Agatha Christie M...
Devon in England's West Country is one of the great places to visit in the UK. Here are a few great reasons to visit Devon.
Kingswear is a village in Devon, located by the River Dart opposite the town of Dartmouth. As such, some may consider it to be a part of Dartmouth, although in many respects Kingswear has some notable sites of its own.
The Southern coast of the UK, otherwise England, has a number of notable hot spots. There are seaside resort towns in most of the southern counties, in both the south-west and southeast of England. These are a few of the great UK south coast hot spots for the summer.
This article includes a brief visitor's guide to Plymouth.
Paignton is a seaside resort in Devon. On the coast of Torbay, Paignton has a few notable attractions.
This is a brief travel guide for Brixham in Devon.
England is a country that has some great countryside and coastline. As such, there are some notable travel destinations in both north and south England. Here are the top ten travel destinations in the country.
Torquay is a seaside resort town located in Torbay, Devon. Torquay has plenty of highlights and great places to visit when taking a vacation there. These are five great places to visit in Torquay.
The West Country, in Western England, has some great highlights. The West Country includes the counties of Devon and Cornwall both of which have extensive northern and southern coastlines, fantastic national parks and seaside resorts with great beaches. Visitors to the West Country sh...
A Victorian-style dock sold at a price is offered for nearly £ 2 million (about Rp37,5 billion).
Hidden gems can be found all over Britain. This article highlights part of east Devon - Colyton, Seaton and the Axe valley in between - that is deserving of greater attention.
Every time when I watch it I feel touched. It's a real masterpiece and I highly recommend it.
A short poem based on a not so short, for me anyway, walk along the Devon coast in the autumn of 2011, highlighting the day, some of the sights and friendship.
Looking forward to my new venture having bought a new caravan with a different company at a different place.
The South West is often overlooked for natural beauty in favour of the more mountainous regions of Northern Britain, but it has some has some of the most varied and breathtaking scenery in the UK. Here is a guide to ten of the best.
Ella Williams was in trouble, and she had walked into it with her eyes wide open... Returning home to finalise the details of her divorce from Ian, her soon to be ex-husband, and leaving behind Daniel, her fiancé to be, she had no idea just how the twist of fate would turn and shatte...
Trying to deal practically, with the matters arising from the break up of her ten year marriage, Ella knew that she had to go home to face the music... Ian, her soon to be ex-husband, had at last consented to a divorce..Her life with Daniel, the man she meet through the internet, was ...
When Ella decided that her ten year old marriage to Ian was over, she knew how difficult life was just about to become. Meeting Daniel, through the internet, and falling head over heels in love, was the last thing she expected...After weeks of heartache, fighting with her soon to be e...
I have had the pleasure of knowing Eileeen since 1980, she was a very dear friend. The photograph below shows Eileen in her pencil skirt, I am dressed in red, and our husbands are standing behind, with other friends we worked with. It was the wedding of Lyn and Brian.
Keith and I were looking forward to a nice weekend in Devon, and this is what happened.
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