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This is about someone who has been a mentor and friend
As followers of Christ we are encouraged to commit our way to the Lord. The next step is to Rest In Him. Because He is carrying our burdens, it isn't necessary for us to also bear them. Quite often that is exactly what we do. We cast our cares reluctantly on Him, then promptly tak...
I am a hopeless romantic so I like to write short poems and love letters. Hope I'll be able to give them to that special person some day. A Preview of how deep my devotion and love is to the one I admire.
He lives...I know this, because I don't believe he would bring me this far to leave me
The devoted men who were called Essenes, the Pharisees, and the Scribes during the days of Jesus Christ certainly would pat most of our so called leaders on their backs because they have much in common. they professed their concerns for righteousness with their tongues but their ac...
The dogs in my life all had different characters. It's been fun learning to understand them.
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