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Definition of Diabetes. Causes of Diabetes. Precautions for Diabetes.
There are three main types of Diabetes that causes several problems in the patients. As we all know that diabetes is a disease in which the blood-sugar level is increased. Its all due to the insufficient secretion of insulin hormone in the pancreas. You can read more about Diabetes in...
Diabetes is a condition in which the blood sugar level gets increased. This is because of the hormone insulin which is produced by the pancreas . The hormone is not secreted by the pancreas which is the cause of increased sugar level in blood. In this disease , patients are advised t...
Diabetes is one of the most common disease that restricts the patient to eat their favorite food. So,how to lower blood sugar in diabetes type 1 and 2, as well as lower blood pressure to normal with the help of tasty and nourishing low-carb diet. Here is the list of food products th...
This article will discuss diet and nutrition for those living with diabetes. The article will discuss the two different types of diabetes there are and how to keep them under control.
Over a century ago Canada was responsible for the discovery of insulin; something that was to revolutionize the treatment of type 1 diabetes. It looks like we may well be on our way to revolutionize the treatment of type 1 diabetes yet again.
Patent contact lenses are designed to be able to monitor the blood sugar levels of diabetics has just announced by Google. The miniature device that serves to monitor glucose levels in tears of its users. But actually it does not have real crying.
According to official statistics there are almost 80,000 people in Northern Ireland with diabetes, yet there appears to be a low level of nursing support available
Daily and regular activity is a key part of managing diabetes along with proper diet and nutrition planning, and taking medications as prescribed.
Not dealing with the the loss of a loved one will lead to health complications.
Diabetes is a health condition that occurs when the glucose in the blood stream is not able to enter into the cells to be used as energy. When this happens blood sugar level rapidly increases. There are two types of diabetes that can affect the body system - Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2...
Treatment for type 1 diabetes is a lifelong commitment to: Taking insulin Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight Eating healthy foods Monitoring blood sugar The goal is to keep your blood sugar level as close to normal as possible to prevent complications or body weakne...
My journey on how I am getting in shape, eating right, and working with my doctor to beat back the silent killer Diabetes. Here steps to win this uphill fight.
Your eyes are the windows of your body and diabetics need to protect them. The diabetic eye is a very sensitive and delicate organs. Your eyes as diabetics will suffer vision loss and even blindness if the sugar spills into your eyes is too excessive. Strain on the eyes if you use ...
Depression seems to be associated with increasing the risk of diabetes directly. Depression could attack anyone, but the risk is greater with people who have diabetes.
Diabetes is a result of high blood sugar levels. This may be due to lack of insulin or because the cells not responding to insulin properly. Whatever the reason maybe there are ways to keep the blood sugar under control. Here are some tips to keep your blood sugar level under control.
Gоt а craving fоr munching оn snacks loaded wіth fat, but аrе desperate tо control уоur blood sugar level? Thеn thіѕ article іѕ fоr you.
Sharing a loved one with a progressive disease is never an easy thing. Fighting the battle together makes the job much easier for both of us.
Living with diabetes can be difficult. One thing that can make it easier is exercising regularly.
Diabetes mellitus, or simply diabetes, is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood sugar.
In our society we risk to become all sick. To make a diagnosis of diabetes is sufficient to find two times the fasting venous plasma glucose greater than 126Mg/100ml. If the fasting glucose is above 110 you should perform oral glucose loading test and if the latter at the second hou...
Until now diabetes has no specific cure yet. According to lots of studies and surveys conducted an enormous 7% of world population is affected with this problem. One third of these never know they have affected with diabetes – a serious health problem complications.
Read all about diabetes one of the silent killer which is most common now in this world. You can also read about the symptoms shown in a diabetic patient and how to fight against this disease.
Learn to care for yourself?Develop habits of enjoying daily livings, enjoying family habits, increasing health education.
Daibetes is now become a very big diseases in very few year and increasing rapidly and so many people get is diseases a by every year. For those people who are suffering from this cannot eat and do things which normal person can do and feel so bad. By following this simple tips they ...
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