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Non-communicable are undeniably the leading cause of death in the world, representing more than half of all annual deaths which include over an estimated one million deaths among adolescent’s that were mainly preventable or treatable causes.
Scientists from the University of Southern California, the United States, claim to have found an effective way to combat diabetes.
Some say coffee is bad for health. Others say coffee is good for health. Who is then telling the truth ? The question should be what is in your coffee that makes it good or bad for your health.
Some people say coffee is bad for health. Others say coffee is god for health. Who is right and who is wrong ? Actually, there is no absolute answer on this question because not all coffee are the same. We need to qualify what is it in that coffee that makes it good or bad to our bod...
A new research study published in Science Daily, reveals that lifestyle changes such as dieting and exercise does not necessarily reduce the risk for stroke. Further research is needed.
Psychology delves into the minds and behavior of human beings. It still puzzles researchers on what self control has contributed to the dieters and medical conditions such as diabetes
New studies point to exercise being a necessary component for staving off diabetes. Even a little movement can help.
Bariatric or weight loss surgery does a better job at controlling blood sugar levels in diabetics, than the traditional pill and insulin therapy.
This article is a recount of the trouble I went through trying to get on disability back it 2005. The government gives the hardest times to people who are the sickest.
This article is one of the medical conditions that I have that led up to the decision to have bariatric surgery on July 24, 2015. This article was written on July 25, 2013, two years before my weight loss surgery.
This article is part of a series I am writing on my various ailments before I had bariatric surgery in July of 2015. I write this series to remind me how sick I was and how I never want to be that sick again.
Every person with diabetes needs a simple efficient blood sugar meter now the possibility to have a cellphone app that will do the job for you.
Weight loss surgery is found to work better than medication for diabetes yet so many doctors still frown upon this surgery.
The following article is based on the 2012 statistics. I was not able to find a more recent report.
The diabetes is a horrible thing for anyone to have. This is to educate people on type 1 and type 2 and what to do if you have it.
Definition of Diabetes. Causes of Diabetes. Precautions for Diabetes.
A few years ago, vinegar was discovered to help lower blood sugar levels in diabetics.
This is my personal journey from bad health to good health. I let myself go for so long that I knew if I was to live I had to do something about it.
This is the beginning of my health issues concerning my liver.
There are several conditions which can disrupt sleep and in turn affect a person's health or mental health. Today we will talk about restless leg syndrome.
The questions you ask should base on such things as diagnosis, your medication, your diet, lifestyle changes you should have and emotional issues affecting you. You may also ask your doctor about alternative treatments for diseases such as type 2 diabetes.
Would you like to lower your blood sugar? From 200 to 100? Try fenu greek powder.
In a study involving 120 patients with moderate to severe erectile dysfunction and chronic periodontitis, 60 patients received treatment for their gum disease, while the other half did not. These test subjects filled out questionnaires about their erectile function, and patients who r...
There are three main types of Diabetes that causes several problems in the patients. As we all know that diabetes is a disease in which the blood-sugar level is increased. Its all due to the insufficient secretion of insulin hormone in the pancreas. You can read more about Diabetes in...
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