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Shopping for a diamond can be overwhelming. This is because of the huge selection of diamonds. You can shop in dozens of jewelry shops and still not be able to settle on a design.
A carat (often abbreviated CT) is the standard measure used for weighing diamonds. Many people confuse the weight with a stone’s physical size. Perhaps you are one of them. However, you are not way off the mark since the weight differs depending on the type and shape of the gemstone...
A short story about a writer who started getting recognition.
This poem tells how a group of jealous people run down the religions of others. Are you one of them? If you are, it shows you are not sure of your own religion.
This poem tells about a boy who likes a girl very much in his school but doesn't have enough courage to go and confess that to her.
Diamond that has been discovered by scientists in some parts of North America is clear evidence that a comet had crashed to earth thousands of years ago and wiped out the earliest people known as the Clovis culture.
A novel and unique way of keeping the remains of loved ones. Ponder if this is okay and don’t fail to affix your comment at the bottom after reading. It will be appreciated.
Diamond is a strongest gemstone in world. Diamond can be reach 10 Mohs of mineral scale. This stone has a few of colors. Many people chose diamonds for their wedding.
The characteristics of diamonds mined in Canada-the different nature of these minerals with the rest
A look at the origins of Wedding anniversary names along with some of the meanings.
Pearls are different from gemstones in many ways. For example, pearls come from beneath water, whereas gemstones come from beneath the earth.
Kohinoor diamond was once known as the largest diamond in the world. It is reputed to bring misfortune or death to male owners and good luck to female owners.
A new study showed that diamonds are indeed, not forever.
Some women would love to try the short hairstyle but are unsure of which cut is best for them. This article gives some useful tips on choosing the right short style for your unique facial shape
The history of diamonds, finding and loosing them throuh out the centuries.
~ like our ancestors ~ the indians ~ we share a fear of sex ~ Jim Morrison ~ woe unto him that harbors wildernesses ~ Nietzsche ~ I have stayed in jail & I have stayed stupid ~ Charles Manson ~ the dear names that lie concealed within ‘t ~ Poe ~ suicide clouds ~ we eat ourselves ~ ...
That real beauty, is around us, in the things we do to make that difference in each other's lives.
When girls demand to be treated like boys, just shows how much they don't know about themselves as to how valuable and special they are! The girl child is far much wealthier than gold!
The sort of feeling Christmas brings. How one can get swayed by the atmosphere it creats.
I wrote this a couple of weeks ago for somebody, decided to publish it now. A bit of pain, a dash of uncertainty, some love-oriented thoughts and sentiments. One of my few poems that actually rhymes.
A diamond solitare engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment. Browsing at Mayor's jewelry stores can give you a better idea as to what the latest trends are.
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