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A deep short look into the Vatican and Who ARE The Vaticans? And Jewels found in the most “unlikely” of places. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
Gems are precious stones. When we dream about gems, we are dreaming about things that are precious to us. Different gems in dreams mean different things.
A quick guide to the meanings of the Diamond suit in cartomancy of the English tradition.
This item will talk about natural and man made diamonds. You can read a little about both and make your own conclusion comparing the both of them.
“We need never be ashamed of our tears.”--Charles Dickens (This poem is inspired by the above quote, and I in my own exposure, I can move on, I can live.)
This is a short poem about a dark, but gentle night, and a beautiful dress made off little glittery dots.. or stars
This poem describes how a group of people who thought their religion was superior to all the other religions, bullied a non-believer on the roadside.
this is about the many facets of a diamond...a metaphor for all the different faces we show to the world and how many disturb others and so it goes...enjoy
A juxtaposition of rattling inside your head, behind your eyes can lead to knowledge beyond compare but you have to go that...if you will..enjoy
John and Mary were married. One day Mary left the house and returned about 3 am. John started messing with things Mary and found a diamond necklace.
Most expensive Necklace with yellow diamond of 407 carrots for sale at Singapore's Jewellery show. This expensive diamond necklace is for sale in the Jewellery exhibition for 55 million dollars
The economy of Zimbabwe, Indigenized is striving to get back on its feet with little foreign capital investment. The entrepreneurial capacity of local people is indicative of better things for this usually looked down upon economically Southern African country. I shall put up opportun...
Can a daughter finally part with her late mother's diamond cocktail ring? Is it better to hang on to or release sentimental possessions? What do YOU think?
Probably we have all experienced being betrayed, thrown out by a false lover...we have done it ourselves for how long does it take to get over the pangs of pain, remorse and all that jazz!!!!!! just like diamonds in the sky..they fall
Bangkok now dominates the world sapphire market, but all other gemstones can be found there too
Diamonds are the stuff of legends, but the real story is more prosaic
The international community played a key role in shaping the Sierra Leone civil war - both potentially in prolonging it and in bringing it to a close. But what right did we have to intervene in the first place?
This poem if aimed at the adventurer in you, with Pirates of the high seas, treasures, dangers and Rum.
A new study showed that diamonds are indeed, not forever.
Reflective surfaces are all around us, but one of the most magical, has to be that of reflection on smooth water...A fluid Looking Glass...A Lake of Mirrors...
This article contains information about diamonds. It has various quotations by famous people and also few facts about diamonds.
Her sad death on 23rd March 2011 marks the end of an era of glamorous Hollywood stars.
They say that diamonds are a girls best friend, but does she know the men endanger their lives every day for a very little pay so that she can wear that sparkley little stone on her little finger.
Hope youse enjoy this one -- had a great time writing it -- please leave your comments-- i love the recognition...I'm your diamond....not just a love it -- <3 debby
About a little girl's imagination about how she feels about her precious pennies. They are diamonds in her imagination. Her name even sounds creative. Jazzi is her name.
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