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I'm gonna be writing about my experiences being a young African man from a ghetto in Nigeria. This page is gonna give you guys an insight into what its like to be an African. Especially a Nigerian.
These are some more of my more recent musings, some are a departure from my normal structure. I hope you all enjoy
The rains have stopped by feelings of blah have not. The sun is shining in through my window and hopefully my plants will dry out, but my mood is not improving.
It's Sunday morning, and I'm up early after not sleeping much last night. I'll be napping today.
Today has been peaceful, despite getting caught in the rain for a few minutes. My morning didn't start as early as it has been starting and that makes me happy.
My morning began at 3:30 a.m. and I have plans for the day. I have plans to accomplish today, among them occupying my mind so that I don't spend excess time wasting time.
My day began at five this morning, and quickly began to feel as if I'd been up for days.
The changes over the last few years have included getting rid of the physical diary. No more paper journal, simply appointment books with notes written in them.
This will be a new thing, an experiment if you will, of me writing about the events of one day.
Memories will forever stay inside a persons heart no matter how painful or sad it may seem.
The O Level (Ordinary Level) is a subject-based qualification conferred as part of the General Certificate of Education. The O Level qualification is still awarded by Cambridge International Examinations in select locations, instead of or alongside the International General Certificat...
Here is my diary for public consumption and critique. I hope you enjoy reading.
Here is my public diary for consumption and critique. I hope you enjoy reading.
This is one of my emotional writing towards LOVE. How everything I've dreamed of had been a total nightmare. What I've thought about LOVE became the total opposite of it. Why I became who I am today. We have a lot of different views when it comes to LOVE and this is what mine is. I am...
Have you ever wished to be alone for a moment? How did you overcome this loneliness? Read my story to know how I overcome it :D
Looking at the positive side from all the negativities
Love and romance poetry. This is a poem about the feelings of a mistress. Love poetry. Visit more of my poetry on http://www.poetrypoem/shannonfarlouis
After Reading what Moe Wrote in his diary made me feel as if I could run Away....
It's been a while since I've written; it's been even longer since I felt like writing. The past year has been tumultuous and trying, to say the least. Today, I decided to take myself to dinner and bring a fresh new journal/notebook along. It was like getting reacquainted with an old f...
Many things happened this year...this is a summary of my 2013, and the friends behind the scenes...
To understand most things one can read about it and grasp a basic understanding; however, writers are harder to understand: where do they get their inspiration? How do they come to the proposed conclusions? I tend to think a lot about myself, just as I am sure many do: why do I write?...
When I first started writing, I knew my vision. However, throughout school and different writing classes, I felt myself conforming to what everyone thought writing should be; take poetry for instance, most don't understand that it doesn't have to rhyme to be a poem. I take it back wit...
Lord, you give us the power to bless our children, through our example, our teaching, our love, and our prayers.
Have you ever felt the urge to express your thoughts,yet not let anyone know. Secrets, feelings of love, hurt, anger or despair; feelings too strong to keep inside, yet too risky to let anyone know. Many of us choose to write down all these in their secret diaries. But, is having secr...
A collection of thoughts from different moments in a single night all blended together
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