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Shred cabbage, wash and drain. Scrub potatoes, and dice without removing skin.
This is for the earth, rain forest, and elephants. Somethings go unnoticed when we are not standing in front of the danger, but we need to stop and listen to the message of the universe, and feel what all living things feel when we are so carelessly harmed. The pain can be unbearable ...
I wrote this piece in one of those random moments when you get inspired while doing academic work. Don't worry, I completed my essay afterwards.
Jesus knows all the rhymes and all the correct words because he knows your heart. Embrace the heart of Jesus and hold him tightly. Give your sins to him.
The gifts of God are numerous and are there just for the asking and the agape love is always there.
Just as gambling evolved from divinatory practices of early societies, the tools of gambling evolved from ritualized objects--stones, sticks, nuts, shells, and bones. Small bones, particularly knucklebones (astragali) became the direct predecessors of modern dice.
The roots of gambling and gambling tools can be traced back thousands of years to religious ceremonies conducted by many pre-historic societies. Wide-spread cultural evidence indicates that early man created many rituals specifically to foretell the future or explain what was beyond ...
This article explains about how to calculate probability with multiple dice. It gives all possible outcomes for two dice.
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