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How to understand cat from movement? What concerns me the movements of the cats and the conditions of the cats? You may notice your cat's tail bulbous time tail trembling on the ground several times, this is a situation of feline symbolizes the emotion, in this article you will learn ...
Our perception of things is what truly makes us different. We were all born different. We are all that way for a reason. Only the creator knows the true reasons behind our differences.
Everyone is different and has a different point of view. This poem is about respecting other and looking for the good parts of everyone. Why do we see people different from us, in such a bad light?
A look at a least one theory as to how so many fights and wars get started.
If you have watched the political process, especially in the United States, the last couple of go rounds, none of what I have to say is surprising - or shouldn't be.
I thought someone was the one, but I found out he was not.
Daily life is a routine life.Routine lives are different from person to person, and from profession to profession, But one thing is common ,that is 'early to bed and early to rise' and may be different in other cases. How to remove monotonous life in a daily routine life is briefed i...
It is observed that as our earth aged,people changed.Most of us wondered and so worried about the constant happenings almost all over the wold.Is it because of our technology that creates many things beneficial and not?Is the Lord coming soon to redeem?The answer is yours.
This article is about a bunch of people who are one of us but are different because they have a different pattern of thinking. These set of people are termed as Artists.
Tigers and lions can never be really tamed, though some are kept as prisoners in cages for show. But cats have been tame animals from the very earliest times. Cats were kept as pets even in ancient Egypt, thousand of years ago, and the Egyptians worshiped a goddess with the head of a ...
Taste apart, fats beyond a certain level are harmful to the human body. Fats when metabolized in the cells release double the calories than proteins and carbohydrates.
I don't really have a summary. Whatever i post here is what i feel and am passionate about.which is my poetry. If you can, please respect what i write and learn something fromit maybe. I am still learning about myself.
The beginning of each culture comes from one small seed carried by beings of wisdom from other places...the part each plays we and them is part of the evolution of man..and all sentient beings too...enjoy
If you want the right men reading glasses, you want to start your face. After all, it is very likely that they would take them all the time, if you woke up. Once you have, then you pick out the frame design is perfect for you. Let us form from your face and your complexion.
To be bilingual+ means a whole new perspective on the world around you
The Matrix is an introduction to education of our Perception, not really what is right and wrong but to see things in a new way.
A departmental stores is a retail store of consumer goods having different specialized divisions. Normally 7 to 8 sections function in departmental store.
How often do you speak or write? To many of us these are skills we use without even thinking about it, but for some people the ability to express themselves can be a challenge. Speaking and writing may have been some of the primeval skills we learnt as human beings, they helped us com...
The process in which communities of plant and animal species are replaced over time by a series of different and usually more complex communities is called ecological succession.
Have you ever looked at a tapestry in the making ..but only seen the side where the knots and the joins appear .?..It isn't a pretty sight ...until.......
From Robert Brewer's Wednesday Prompt challenge to write a late poem. Dedicated to my old best friend Adam.
a poem that talks about society's affect on the self esteem of women, through the use of make-up.
Vampyres interest most people because it reflects the inner need for something that can be unobtainable! This piece has a rather interesting twist so you might read and enjoy. and then again you might not!!!!!
Today 2nd April 2013 has been declared Autism awareness day, and the whole month of April has been set aside to highlight this very complex condition. Read on to find out more.
Alone but not lonely is what we are. People have a misconception of those who prefer being alone as opposed to being a social butterfly.
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